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Focusing on Metal Additive Manufacturing

LiM Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. (LiM) is located in Tianjin. It is one of the subsidiaries of TSC Group, which is one of the biggest additive manufacturing service providers in China. LiM is dedicated to provide advanced metal additive manufacturing systems, auxiliary equipment and related services for the global customers.

Strong Technical Team

By the end of 2018, LiM has over 100 employees, including a R&D team with 50 staff, who are coming from global companies and famous universities in the domain of AM technologies. 50% employees in the team has over 10 years working experience in product design and LEAN production management. LiM’s team currently owns over 30 patents in metal AM applications. LiM is one of the founding members of the China Additive Manufacturing Industrial Alliances Council, and also the founding member of the China Professional Committee on 3D Printing Medical Devices. In 2018, LiM is approved by the China Ministry of Education as one of industrial companies who can provide collaborative education program together with universities.

Satisfying the Highest Quality Standards

LiM have developed several series products, including large LENS systems and several SLM systems, which have been used on missions for aerospace and aviation industry after proving their quality.

Through continuous innovation and LEAN management, LIM is aiming to become one of the first-class solution provider in Additive Manufacturing industry.

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