DMC Invitation Letter | Focus on Metal 3D Printing Solution for Mold Industry, Radium Laser Invites You to Cogather at Booth 3-J103

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China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition (DMC2023) will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on June 11-14. This exhibition is dedicated to 3D additive manufacturing exhibition area, highlighting the display of additive equipment, related hardware and supporting devices. Radium laser will bring LiM-X260A series equipment and metal additive manufacturing overall solution to booth 3-J103, focusing on the theme of "making manufacturing more efficient", focusing on the advantages and characteristics of metal 3D printing technology in the field of mold intelligent manufacturing, and fully showing innovative application scenarios. We look forward to discussing with you and talking about the new future of precision mold intelligent manufacturing.



LiM-X260A Series Equipment Highlights



Large capacity powder cylinder
The capacity of the powder cylinder is 1.5 times that of the forming cylinder, ensuring the uninterrupted powder printing process.
intelligent detection
Equipped with powder bed monitoring module and built-in high-definition camera, the powder bed photos are taken after each powder spreading and fusing. Through algorithm analysis and comparison, the monitoring of the powder spreading quality and fusing quality of each layer can be realized, and the abnormal powder spreading can be automatically supplemented and automatically alarm.
Filtration system
The filter element used in the circulation system has a service life of more than 100000 hours, which can realize uninterrupted printing of the equipment.
high precision forming platform
Imported THK screw guide rail is adopted and equipped with grating ruler adjustment, which can realize positioning accuracy control within ± 0.005mm.


The LiM-X260A series equipment on display is a laser selective melting equipment independently developed by Radium Laser, which can be used for single laser/double laser printing. It adopts modular design, compact overall structure, reasonable layout, good operability and maintainability, and is convenient for disassembly, installation, debugging and maintenance. Self-developed LiMPCS-SLM software is used for reading slice data files, system control, real-time setting of printing parameters and other operations to ensure stable operation of the equipment.


In addition, the LiM-X400M equipment independently developed by Radium Laser is also suitable for the field of molds. The equipment has outstanding application advantages, mature technology and stable performance. In order to meet the demand characteristics of the mold manufacturing industry, the design team has carried out targeted research and development of the equipment. First, the forming size can meet most of the mold manufacturing and mass production needs, helping users in the mold industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency; at the same time, taking into account the user's composite processing needs, A brand-new process technology research and development has been carried out, dedicated to providing users with intelligent solutions and striving to create value for users.



LiM-X400M Equipment Highlights



High efficiency
Three laser configuration, greatly improve the forming efficiency. Through self-developed LiMPCS-SLM software, a variable layer thickness process has been developed. While ensuring the forming quality, parts with different layer thicknesses can be printed together, which greatly improves production efficiency.
Stable forming quality
Optimize the wind field environment, improve the uniformity and stability of the wind field, and ensure the printing quality. Especially in the mold industry, the smoke and dust produced by commonly used forming materials during the printing process is relatively larger, and the uniform wind field environment ensures the stability of the forming quality.
Automatic grafting process, efficient and accurate position matching
The newly upgraded automatic grafting process relies on the algorithm of self-developed software for automatic positioning to replace the traditional manual ranging, repeated adjustment of the slice model and repeated simulation printing to verify the accuracy. After upgrading, the grafting efficiency is higher and the grafting precision is more accurate.


In addition, Radium Laser will also exhibit a series of metal 3D printing application cases, and we look forward to communicating with you at the exhibition site.



Focus on the mold industry, accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing

As an important basic process equipment in industrial production, mold is widely used in various fields, and its development level has become an important indicator to measure the strength of a country's manufacturing industry. Radium laser hopes to bring new development direction for users in the mold industry through the advantages of high design freedom and high production efficiency of metal 3D printing technology, promote the precision of mold design, fine processing, intelligent mold forming control, and accelerate the mold manufacturing industry to enter the era of intelligent mold.

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