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On March 24, Zhongbei Town Labor and Social Security Service Center, Enterprise Service Center, Zhilian Recruitment and China Talent Network jointly held the "Good Work in Zhongbei" 2018 Zhongbei Town Spring Talent Recruitment Fair. Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Radium Laser") was invited to participate and provided dozens of job requirements including technical posts and management posts.

The job fair was crowded and bustling. As a 3D printing high-tech company, Radium Laser has attracted a large number of job seekers. Many job seekers came to the venue early to consult the company's recruiters about the nature of the job, job salary and other matters, and strive to find a suitable job at home.






According to the relevant regulations of the company, after this recruitment has gone through the prescribed process of the company, relevant personnel will be notified to come for an interview. For those who pass the interview, an employment notice will be issued and an employment agreement will be signed. Personnel who did not participate in the on-site recruitment can also contact the personnel specialist of the company by telephone. The contact information is: Yang Liu (13466558849) and Huo Hailong (17695753332).




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