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In 2019, under the correct leadership of the group company, Radium Laser conscientiously implemented the work deployment of the group company. All employees worked together and closely focused on the company's business objectives, successfully completed various work task indicators, and emerged in the work. A group of advanced collectives who are united and cooperative, pioneering and enterprising, and advanced individuals who love their jobs and work hard.


In order to commend the advanced, carry forward the healthy spirit and invigorate the spirit, and encourage all employees to do their job well, according to the evaluation arrangement and publicity results, two "advanced collectives", one "advanced operator", two "advanced workers" and three "best newcomers" were selected, and certificates and bonuses were awarded to the above winning collectives and individuals on March 12, 2020 to encourage them.

advanced collective


Advanced Operator

advanced worker

Best Newcomer



Excellent enterprises cannot do without the efforts of employees and the cohesion of groups. The power of role models is endless. We sincerely hope that the colleagues who have won the commendation will take this as a starting point to make further progress. Employees who have not yet won the honor need not be discouraged. Please continue to take responsibility with high morale and fulfill our responsibilities. Let us unite and make new contributions to the promotion of Radium Laser in the new year.

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