Safety production and epidemic prevention and control of both hands | Additive manufacturing assembly workshop to organize safety production training

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In order to conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the State Council and the Municipal Safety Committee on carrying out the "Safety Production Month", and implement the group's theme of "Safety Production and Epidemic Prevention and Control with Both Hands and Implementation", to enhance the emergency awareness of all employees, improve the safety quality of all employees, improve disaster prevention, mitigation and relief capabilities, curb safety accidents, and improve epidemic prevention and control capabilities, a series of safety production publicity and education activities are carried out, further strengthen the awareness of safety red lines, implement safety responsibilities, resolutely prevent and contain various production safety accidents, and create a safe and stable environment for the development of the group.


     According to the deployment of the group and in combination with the actual situation of the company, the assembly workshop organized and carried out training on the safety production management system on April 10, and publicized the safety system to the employees of the department. in order to effectively improve the safety production management ability of the workshop personnel, make the employees have the safety production awareness and self-protection ability, and form a good safety production atmosphere to lay a solid foundation.


This safety training adopts the methods of sign-in, explanation, and examination, which stimulates employees' interest and enthusiasm in learning, and at the same time strengthens employees' awareness of safety precautions. The purpose is to achieve no dead ends and no leakage items. The goal of "zero accidents in production" provides a guarantee.

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