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For a long time, the TCT Asia Exhibition, which was postponed due to the epidemic, was successfully held in Shanghai from July 8 to 10. Xin Jinghe and Radium Laser jointly participated in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Radium Laser started the world's first large-size customizable laser selective melting LiM-X400A equipment. At the same time, customizable laser selective melting LiM-X260A equipment and laser near net forming LiM-S0402 equipment were displayed, attracting many professional audiences to stop. The booth was full of popularity.

Small with you to review the wonderful moment!


Mr. Ye Yuan, Chief Strategic Officer of Jinghe Group and General Manager of Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd., introduced online the independent research and development of large-size customizable selective laser melting LiM-X400A equipment:




LiM-X400A equipment is Radium Laser and its parent company Xin Jinghe. After 3 years of research and development, it has been carefully built. Its biggest feature is the integration of years of accumulated experience in metal 3D printing processing services. From the materials, technology and equipment itself, we believe that the introduction of this equipment will help Chinese and foreign customers to make some quality breakthroughs in the field of 3D printing and processing of large-size metal materials.

The main features of the equipment:

1. Security:From 3D printing service manufacturers, we attach great importance to the safety of equipment, especially active metals such as aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. The operation process is very dangerous. We have considered a large number of safety design requirements in the design of the whole equipment. The whole process from powder taking to parts taking to powder laying can avoid direct contact between personnel and powder. In addition, the equipment adopts a large number of safety and explosion-proof designs, and passed the EU explosion-proof certification;

2. Flexibility:The LiM-X400A standard first uses single laser printing, the forming size can be 400*400*500mm, and a 1000W laser is used to achieve a layer thickness of 80 microns, thus greatly improving the printing efficiency. At the same time, double laser and four laser configurations can be selected according to customer's requirements. The double laser forming size can be 400*450*500mm, while the four laser forming size can be 450*450*500mm. Through modular design, the forming bin, powder dust removal system, electrical system and software system can be flexibly configured;

3. Print quality:Especially when large-size equipment prints large-size parts, once waste parts appear, the waste of materials is very huge. We have carried out a lot of optimized design from the selection of forming process and raw materials to the equipment itself, from the printing rate to the wind field, and realized the full improvement of printing quality. Every equipment has passed a lot of printing tests during the advent of the equipment, to ensure the print quality of the product, to help customers print high-quality products is our ultimate goal.

4. Print consistency:The ultimate goal of large-size printing equipment is to help customers achieve mass production of structural parts, so whether the mass production parts have consistency is an important factor in assessing the final quality of the equipment. In particular, we have made a lot of optimization in the supply chain management. All core components are imported from foreign brands with good reputation in the industry, thus greatly improving the printing consistency. In the future, every equipment coming out of Radium will carry out a large number of printing tests to ensure the consistency with all the components printed before, and to ensure that you can use it with confidence wherever you are.







[Ye Zong Accepts Media Interview Video]]




In addition, the laser near net shaping LiM-S0402 equipment on display (as shown in the figure below), the energy source is a 4kw laser, and the laser head is equipped with four powder feeding heads. Theoretically, four materials can be supplied with powder at the same time and mixed and printed according to a certain proportion. At the same time, this equipment and the selective laser melting LiM-X260A equipment (as shown in the figure below) have been ordered by customers and will be directly sent to the customer site after the exhibition.




Metal 3D printing sample display


[Xin Jinghe Li Zong Accepts Media Interview Video]]




It is our aim to continuously innovate, forge ahead and provide more detailed, professional and perfect services for end users. Thank you again for your trust and support to us, and look forward to meeting in 2021.

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