Multi-laser, Large-format, High-size Customizable Selective Laser Melting LiM-X400H Series Equipment Part II: Introduction to Auxiliary Equipment

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Use "iterative thinking" to take the road of advancement. In the previous article, we introduced the basic structure, optical system, forming system, powder laying system, monitoring system and control software of LiM-X400H equipment:

Optical system:High-precision digital galvanometer, low-distortion F-theta focusing mirror, adjustable beam expander, laser M²<1.1, quartz protective mirror.

Forming system:Fully open and customizable. The standard forming size 450x 450x 1500mm adopts IPG500W × 4 fiber laser, Scanlab × 4 high-speed galvanometer and SIL f-θ × 4 field mirror, which can realize a layer thickness of 20-120μm.

Powder spreading system:On the powder, the structure is simple and stable, the amount of powder can be controlled, avoid the introduction of oxygen, always supply powder; double scraper powder, shorten the printing time.

Monitoring system:Double camera monitoring, real-time shooting each powder and printing results, easy to remote monitoring.

Control software:Independent research and development, with special motion control system, with imported servo drive, the introduction of the world's advanced brands (Belgium Materialise) model processing software Magics and BP.


LiM-X400H auxiliary equipment: water cooler




The waterway control system uses an additional water cooler to control the temperature of the circulating waterway of the equipment to be constant, and to cool the optical system and the forming platform at a constant temperature. It uses a single water cooler to control the water cooling of the laser and galvanometer at the same time, and feeds back the temperature and flow of each road in real time. The key components of the equipment in the printing work are always in the same constant temperature environment, so as to ensure the stability of the printing process.


LiM-X400H auxiliary equipment: dust removal and purification cabinet




Under the action of the circulating fan, the air pressure difference is formed in the closed loop, so that the air flow circulates at a certain flow rate and speed in the loop. The dust removal and purification cabinet adopts the form of permanent filter element, which can realize long-term printing without replacing the filter element and ensure the stability of the equipment.


LiM-X400H auxiliary equipment: powder circuit circulation system



The system is composed of powder supply mechanism, old powder recovery mechanism, new powder addition mechanism, tail gas treatment mechanism, cleaning mechanism, control unit, vacuum conveyor and other parts, assisting 3D printer to complete powder supply, old powder recovery and other work.

The powder conveying process of the system is in a closed inert gas protection environment, with low argon consumption, high powder conveying rate, ensuring powder quality, reducing manual participation, and improving safety factor.

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