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Permalloy refers to nickel content in30~90%The range of iron-nickel alloys is a very wide range of soft magnetic alloys.1J50,1J79,1J85Wait.

Through the appropriate process, can effectively control the magnetic properties, is a typical functional materials.


Characteristics of this type of material:

  • High permeability;
  • Low coercivity;

  • High saturation magnetic induction intensity;

  • Curie temperature is high;

  • Good corrosion resistance;

  • Good processing performance;
Application field: mainly used in alternating magnetic field, used in the aviation industry High sensitivity, fine size, small size, low high frequency loss of electronic components. Widely used in telecommunications, measurement and control systems.

1.    The Call of New Technology

Although permalloy has the remarkable effect and special application of "four or two thousand pounds" in precision components of aerospace industry, the traditionalSmelting-rolling-Heat treatment-FinishingThe process has a long production cycle and a low pass rate. In addition to the structure of the spacecraftIncreasingly refined, lightweight, complex and integratedThe drawbacks and bottlenecks of traditional processes have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the traditional process.

Starlight does not ask the wayward person, the horse whip forward. UpholdPeople and horses are not moved, food and grass are first.Xin Jinghe's research and development team took the initiative to attack and forge ahead. It has organized and planned the research on laser selective melting forming process of various brands of permalloy, conducted a large number of experiments and tests, and successfully conquered the laser selective melting forming process of permalloy. Its printed parts have compact metallographic structure, excellent mechanical properties, high dimensional accuracy, and have been successfully used in an aerospace product.
The following is the research results of 1J50
2. 1J50 material characteristics and printing difficulties

1J50The density8.20 g/cm3The Curie temperature is500C, its remarkable characteristics are high permeability, high saturation magnetic induction, suitable.Magnetic shielding, low loss micro motor, magnetic sensor and magnetic sensorPiece.

The technical difficulties of the material printing are: the residual stress in the printing process is large, and the parts in the post-processing process are easy to crack. The problem was successfully solved by optimizing the printing and heat treatment process by technicians.
3. Performance

TableRoom temperature mechanical properties (heat-treated state)





Tensile strength/MPa

Yield strength


elongation after fracture


reduction of area/%


forging and rolling
















4. Application



Figure1a dot matrix product


Push through the old and bring forth new shoots, and time waits for a new chapter. Xin Jinghe R & D team will always maintain high-spirited fighting passion, full of enthusiasm for work, and upholdInnovation-driven, win-win cooperationThe market concept andMake everything you want.The design concept, to meet customer needs as its own responsibility, to technological innovation as the forerunner, continue to promote the research and development of new materials, new processes and new equipment, and continue to provide users with high-quality and reliable products.

Selective laser melting forming process

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Permalloy refers to an iron-nickel alloy with a nickel content in the range of 30% to 90%. This kind of soft magnetic alloy can effectively control the magnetic properties through appropriate process. It is a typical functional material with high permeability, low coercivity, high saturation magnetic induction, high Curie temperature, good corrosion resistance and good processing performance. Mainly used in alternating magnetic field, widely used in aerospace industry and telecommunications, measurement and control system. Commonly used permalloy 1J50, 1J79, 1J85 and so on. In the field of aerospace industry, permalloy is mainly used to manufacture precision components with high sensitivity, fine size, small size and low high frequency loss.


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