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20CrMnTi Successfully Led into Xin Refined Printable Material TeamWu

20CrMnTi is a low alloy carburized steel with a carbon content of 0.17-0.24. The main alloying elements are Ti and Mn. The characteristics of the material are:

  • Good hardenability;

  • high and low temperature impact toughness;

  • good processability;

  • good anti-fatigue performance;


Application areas: shaft, piston parts and automotive, tank parts.



The Call of New Technology


20CrMnTi steel is a typical carburized steel, after carburizing treatment, the surface hashigh hardness, and hasGood wear resistanceandanti-fatigue performance, and the heart retainedGood plasticityand toughness. With the upgrading of weapons and equipment and the need for actual combat training, the concept of manufacturing complex metal structural parts based on structural optimization has received more and more attention and recognition from the industry,As an additive manufacturing technology with good metallurgical quality, high dimensional accuracy and high manufacturing flexibility, selective laser melting has significant technical advantages and good application prospects.




The technical difficulties of printing the material are as follows: due to the presence of Mn element, the brittleness of the material is large; and due to the increased notch sensitivity, cracks are easy to appear during the printing process or after heat treatment. by technical personnelOptimize printingandheat treatment processsuccessfully solved the problem.


Starlight does not ask the hurried man, the horse whip forward. Based on the needs of the industry and the desire of the process, Xin Jinghe R & D team actively consulted the data and carried out the research on the laser selective melting forming process of 20CrMnTi,After a lot of exploration and practice, the process of 20CrMnTi was successfully completed, and the printing method of this material was realized.






The eyes are full of vitality and transformation, and the day workers are skillfully striving for new ones. Xin Jinghe R & D team will always pay attention to the trend of the industry, actively explore and discover the needs of users, with full enthusiasm for work, uphold"Innovation-driven, win-win cooperation"The market concept and"Make everything you think"The design concept, to meet customer needs as its own responsibility, to technological innovation as the forerunner, continue to promote the research and development of new materials, new processes and new equipment, and continue to provide users with high-quality and reliable products.

Additive Manufacturing

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