How to Improve the Stability (II) of Large Size Selective Laser Melting Equipment by Radium Laser

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Hello, everyone, I am little radium. In the last issue, we mentioned how to improve the stability of large-size laser selective melting equipment in the process of technology research and development. In this issue, we will continue to discuss this topic from the aspects of equipment design and development and production process control. Let's see how radium laser is done.

Establish a sound product system, grasp R & D and quality system control

For the companyAdditive Manufacturing EquipmentMany kinds of research and development, fast research and development cycle, multi-species small batch production and other characteristics, through the overall requirements of different models of products are summarized, from the functional requirements, safety requirements, economic requirements, reliability requirements and other aspects to start control, balance the diversified needs and standardization needs. Establish a sound project management and R & D decision-making mechanism. In the process of project R & D and production, analyze the internal and external environmental factors of the organization, formulate risk response measures by establishing the list of needs and expectations of relevant parties, and take measures such as planning, input, output, change, trial production, experiment and key process control in the design and development process. Strict implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 related systems and GJB9001C national military standard system requirements.


Platform and modular equipment development model to ensure high quality in small quantities

For the modular design of equipment, it is necessary to understand the structure of existing products, build BOM and assembly relationship (for example, the equipment can be disassembled into modules composed of molding chamber, molding shaft, circulation purification module, powder spreading module, powder conveying and recycling, atmosphere system, etc.). Through analysis and research on the strength relationship of component association, the strong relationship components are integrated to reduce the number of components and form modules, and design the standard interface between the modules (e. g.: the drive and control method of the molding shaft, the powder spreading module, the migration innovation of the atmosphere module, the unified design of the cycle purification module, powder conveying and recycling). Using the platform design concept, according to the key factor of the additive equipment "molding size", divided into small, medium and large series, according to the key factor "number of optical systems", divided into single, double, multi-series. Finally, by combining the two factors of "molding size" and "number of optical systems", LiM-X150, X260, X400, X650, X400H, X650H,X800 and other series of equipment are installed on the same assembly line. The platform design can not only meet the customized needs of customers, realize the control of cost and quality, but also improve the reliability of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.



Implementation of lean production, improve product quality consistency and stability

Establish a special leading group for the implementation of lean production methods, clarify the responsibilities and tasks of relevant business management departments, formulate lean production work plans, and establish lean production including production management departments, manufacturing departments, technical departments, project departments, quality departments, and procurement departments. Organization, clarify the improvement responsibilities of the person in charge. Establish the goal of lean improvement is continuous improvement, and instill the concept of lean improvement to all employees. By strengthening the 6S management of the workshop, the efficiency of picking, placing and inventory is improved; regular risk investigation is carried out to reduce safety accidents; the reward and punishment system is improved, and employees are encouraged to put forward reasonable opinions and other measures to ensure the consistency and stability of product production, quality and environment, so as to ensure the long-term trouble-free work of equipment.



Through the deployment and use of digital systems, improve the synergy between design development and production processes.

ERP and OA information systems uniformly deployed throughout the company are used to support finance, purchase, sale and storage, production management, process approval and other businesses. At the same time, PDM system has been deployed to support research and development business, and interconnection and integration have been realized between systems. In the process of using information tools, the knowledge and experience accumulated in long-term development work are standardized, standardized and streamlined to form a data information center (server database) and share it with all project participating departments. Through PDM and ERP systems, information such as research and development BOM is shared in the supply chain, thus reducing the overall cost of the supply chain. Through the design data management of PDM system, the consistency and security of research and development data are ensured, and the engineering changes are managed in time to ensure the efficient coordination of research and development and production.


The above is the content shared in this issue, about how to improve the large size.Selective laser melting equipmentThe stability of the next issue we will share. I am little radium, pay attention to me, more technology sharing welcome everyone to participate.

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