User case... LiM laser helps civil aerospace Sanjiang Hongyang company to promote the upgrading of additive manufacturing technology

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At the end of May this year, the LiM-X650H laser equipment was successfully offline and put into use at Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Hongyang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. This has a positive significance in promoting the research and development and upgrading of domestic additive manufacturing equipment.


Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Hongyang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China civil Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. After years of development, the company has formed a technological system dominated by product structure design, final assembly and adjustment, composite materials, special connection molding, precision mechanical processing, performance testing and testing, and has become a modern high-tech enterprise with a complete range of professional categories, batch production and series research and development manufacturing capabilities. The LiM-X650H equipment delivered this time can meet the needs of additive manufacturing of large-sized components and can be widely used in aviation, aerospace and other fields.


LiM-X650H equipment

LiM-X650H Equipment Highlights

  • Adopting a self-developed patented gantry dual drive structure, the printing height is increased while the overall height of the equipment is reduced. The equipment height is 4.5m, which has good operability and maintainability;
  • Equipped with a complete closed-loop powder automatic conveying system, the entire process of part printing does not require manual intervention in powder loading, unloading, and screening. Equipped with a part powder cleaning and recycling module, it is efficient, practical, and safe.

LiM-X650H After the equipment was put into use, Hongyang Company efficiently printed structural components containing complex internal flow channels through extensive process research, simulation, and model optimization design. The internal flow channel size accuracy was high, the roughness met the design requirements, and the wall thickness was uniform and consistent. After testing, all indicators met the requirements, and the 3D printing maximum height record of Hongyang Company was refreshed to nearly 1.5m. The successful development of meter level large components has taken Hongyang Company to a new level in the application of additive manufacturing technology.


This cooperation between Radiant Laser and Hongyang Company can meet the R&D and manufacturing needs of Hongyang Company for large components in the civil aerospace field, achieve integrated design and forming manufacturing of large and complex structural components, accelerate the R&D iteration of its product models, and help Hongyang Company achieve high-quality development.
On the other hand, it is of positive significance to deeply understand user needs, verify the application of large-scale metal additive manufacturing equipment, and promote the upgrading and iteration of metal additive manufacturing equipment for laser. In the future, both parties will jointly promote the application and development of metal additive manufacturing technology.


Additive Manufacturing Equipment

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