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Time sequence replacement, time flies

Once again standing at the end of the year intersection

Looking back 2022

The nation faces many grim moments.

But we're still going light by light.

Open the annual calendar

Review the traces of radium laser in 2022

Remember the good moments of the year.



Craftsmanship, innovation to promote

11/3 Li M-X800 equipment new product release

The main features of the 3D metal printing equipment include ten laser multi-mode/new powder pick-up method/powder full-automatic high-efficiency cycle/large-format small footprint, etc., independent research and development to lead the industrialization of additive manufacturing "big" trend.


LiM-X800 equipment

Except for new device releases

For assembly manufacturing, process production, etc.

Also in the continuous optimization and upgrading

Launched a number of technical achievements, leading the development of additive manufacturing industry


Assembly Manufacturing Aspects

Modular design of equipment, construction of BOM and assembly relationship, design of standard interfaces between modules, platform design, to meet customer customization needs, to achieve cost and quality control, while improving equipment reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Vigorously promote lean production, the establishment of lean production organization; the use of more digital, intelligent, automated and other means.


Process R & D

By adjusting the process parameters LiM-X260A by the self-developed equipment, a large area (150mm * 150mm) limit size structural part of aluminum alloy was successfully printed. The rod diameter of the formed part was 0.2mm, and the rod diameter dimensional accuracy reached ± 0.025mm.


Partial Rod Diameter at 50 Magnification

Through the adjustment of the equipment process parameters, the research and development team successfully realized the printing of 0.09mm wall thickness superalloy (GH4169) bearing washers in the LiM-X150A series of equipment, and SLM forming with extremely thin structure broke through the 100μm mark.


Photo of 0.09 mmGH4169, bearing gasket

In terms of forming angle, through the continuous experiment and iteration of process parameters, the 20 ° forming of typical aluminum alloy parts is realized by using LiM-X260A equipment, which greatly improves the forming ability of SLM.

Thick planting advantage, stable and far-reaching

  • Won the first batch of Tianjin intelligent manufacturing special projects in 2022

The project of "large-scale application of multi-series complete sets of equipment for metal additive manufacturing" was selected as the first batch of special fund projects for intelligent manufacturing in Tianjin in 2022.



Screenshot of Project Publicity


  • The declared project was selected into the list of the first batch of typical application scenarios of additive manufacturing.

In the application scenario of "integrated manufacturing of complex structure products", it provides solutions for Hubei Sanjiang Aerospace Hongyang Electromechanical Co., Ltd. in the project of "integrated manufacturing of key components of aerospace engines", and in the application scenario of "mass production of parts", it provides solutions for China Aeroengine Group Co., Ltd. in the project of "mass production of key components of aviation engines", All of them were selected into the list of the first batch of typical application scenarios of additive manufacturing.


Screenshot of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Publicity


  • Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise Selected in 2022



Announcement Screenshot

  • Won the second prize of Tianjin science and technology progress

The project "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Safety Performance of Lightweight Vehicles under Full Scene Conditions" won the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award.


  • Ringier Technology Innovation Award, China Metal Processing Innovation Product Award

LiM-X650H equipment won the 2022 metal processing industry-Jung technology innovation award, 2022 China metal processing innovation product award


Award Certificate


Award-winning Trophy



Enterprising and pioneering, bright spots


In 2022, radium laser will participate

8 offline exhibition forums

Always with a high-spirited attitude

Welcome each new journey


  • 11/3-11/5    TCT ASIA 2022

Bring LiM-X260 series of equipment and nearly 80 exhibits to the TCT ASIA 2022 exhibition.



  • 8/23、11/8、11/9、11/21-11/23

2022 (12th) Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum, 2022 18th China International Metal Processing Summit Forum, 2022 Additive Manufacturing and Laser Processing Technology Forum, 2022 (5th) Aerospace, Aviation and Navigation Industry Development Forum



  • 11/15-11/18 2022 Germany Formnext 3D Printing Exhibition

LiM-X260 equipment shines at the German Formnext 3D printing exhibition in 2022 to show customers around the world from China.Metal 3D printingThe overall solution.


  • 11/24 The 6th China Air and Space Power Joint Conference

The 6th China Space Power Joint Conference was held in Suzhou, and the Space Technology Promotion Exhibition opened at the same time. Dozens of products related to the space power industry were exhibited, which attracted much attention.



  • 12/8-12/9 2022 (10th) China Aviation Propulsion Technology Forum

Invited to participate and make a report on the theme of "mass application in additive manufacturing.


Focus on hot spots and add materials together.

In 2022, Radium Laser organized and participated in

7 live and media interviews

Together with industry partners

Common Attention to Hot Topics in Additive Manufacturing

Let more people hear the sound of the radium laser.


  • Application and Development of 4/20 Metal Additive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment in Aerospace Field

At the "Aerospace Manufacturing New Technology and Application Online Conference" held by MM "Modern Manufacturing", General Manager Dr. Guan Kai gave a keynote speech to interpret the path of mass production of parts with metal additive technology.


  • Application of 5/20 Li M-X650H equipment in aerospace field

The joint "TCT Asia Live" platform held an online live broadcast to discuss the scale and prospects of the additive manufacturing industry, the development trend of additive manufacturing technology, and introduced the advantages, characteristics and application of LiM-X650H equipment in the aerospace field.




LiM-X650H equipment

  • Preparation Technology and Application of Metal Powder Materials for 8/2 3D Printing

Fan Bin, general manager of China New Materials Research Institute (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., was invited to share the performance, preparation technology and application cases of metal 3D printing powder materials online.


  • In September, Dr. Guan Kai accepted an interview with MM's "insight" program.

General Manager Dr. Guan Kai accepted an interview with MM "Modern Manufacturing" Deputy Editor-in-Chief Li Zheng, talking about the hot topic of additive manufacturing.



  • 10/20 Additive Manufacturing Development and Professional Education

Focus on the relationship between the development of the additive manufacturing industry and professional education, and discuss metal 3D printing solutions for the education industry based on the cooperation cases between the company and various universities.

  • 10/27 Recruitment Order for Channel Businessmen

In the face of the broad market prospects of the additive manufacturing industry, launch a channel recruitment order. According to the hot information such as enterprise advantages, equipment characteristics and application cases, channel investment promotion policy, etc., the live broadcast was shared, and we look forward to working with channel providers to promote the development of metal 3D printing.

  • November "China Machinery" magazine special report

As China's leading overall solution provider for metal additive manufacturing, it was featured by China Machinery magazine.



China Machinery Magazine



Wave and say goodbye to 2022

2023 come brand new

A new year

We go hand in hand

Meet new challenges and start a new journey.

Brave the wind and waves, go forward





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