LiM-X600Q, multi-laser, large-format, high-size customizable selective laser melting equipment.




Radium laser based on long-term 3D printing equipment independent research and development and market observation, that China's market development for large format, high-precision metal 3D printing equipment market demand is growing. Since the radium laser LiM-X150A, 260, 400, 600 series of equipment entered the market to obtain a good installed rate and market response.

The LiM-X600Q introduced in detail for you today has a standard forming size of 650mm X 650mm X 860mm (including the thickness of the substrate), which is introduced by the research and development team of radium laser equipment based on the research on the characteristics of a large number of large-format parts and the iterative verification of the equipment. at present, it has been running smoothly for more than 10000 hours.

LiM-X600Q is not only a piece of equipment, but also a complete set of integrated solutions around large-format and high-precision part forming provided by radium laser, covering a series of supporting services such as equipment, raw materials, auxiliary equipment consumables, process parameters to software, post-processing and quality inspection and certification.


LiM-X600Q basic layout


The LiM-X600Q continues the full openness and customizability of X series equipment. The standard forming size of 650 x650x860mm (including substrate thickness) adopts IPG1000W × 4 fiber laser, Scanlab × 4 high-speed galvanometer and SIL f-θ × 4 field mirror, which can realize a layer thickness of 20-200 microns, greatly improving the printing efficiency, and at the same time solving the problems of many process variables in the forming process and the inability to quantify and control the forming quality, the modular design of the X series makes the forming chamber, powder dust removal system, electrical system and software system can be flexibly configured to meet different needs of personalized customization.


LiM-X600Q optical system

  • 4 sets of lasers and optical systems are used to achieve 4 galvanometer sintering at the same time to speed up the printing speed; 8 lasers can be customized at the same time;
  • The use of the world's highest quality brand of optical accessories, to achieve low-loss, high-precision optical system;
  • Optimize the system selection scheme to achieve 80 ~ 100μm precision high-energy spot, improve printing accuracy and surface gloss of parts, ensure the stability of the molten pool, ensure the ultra-low porosity inside the parts, and improve the quality of the parts.



LiM-X600Q molding system

  • The famous international brand grating ruler is selected to make the precision of the forming system reach 0.005mm;
  • Double-layer felt sealing layer to solve the problem of powder leakage;
  • The heating plate, the heat insulation plate, and the water cooling plate are used together to ensure the preheating of the substrate, and can effectively isolate the influence of heat on the mechanism, so that the other parts are always in a constant temperature state;
  • The heating plate adopts dual-channel heating to ensure uniform heating and accurate temperature control.


Powder spreading system



  • Double linear module drive, simple structure, convenient installation, higher precision;
  • The scraper is a double scraper structure, which can realize two-way powder spreading and shorten the printing cycle. At the same time, a single scraper two-way powder spreading mechanism can be selected;
  • The use of special dial indicator seat tooling can be used to level the forming substrate with the help of the scraper reference frame, which can greatly improve the quality of the first layer of powder laying parts, and then improve the sintering effect;
  • Scraper can realize the replacement of rubber scraper, brush scraper and steel scraper.


Control software


  • Using self-developed equipment control software, stable and efficient control of each part of the equipment, and for the operator to accurately and timely feedback the status of the equipment, so that the equipment stable and safe operation;
  • Gugao special motion control system, with imported servo drive, greatly improve the accuracy and stability of the forming system and the powder system movement.

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