LiM-X260 Series

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LiM-X260 Series

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Tianjin LiM Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. has a strong strength in the research and development, sales, technical support and other aspects of laser melting equipment, multi-directional, omni-channel to provide customers with stable and efficient advanced equipment and technical support.And can be modified and customized according to customer needs.


一、Advantages of equipment

1, High reliability, LiM-X260 Series core parts are all selected from domestic and foreign top suppliers, high precision, reliable performance, high degree of automation, easy installation and debugging, good man-machine interaction.


2. High efficiency and stability,LiM-X260 Series has outstanding effects in forming efficiency, process optimization and smoke filtration, reducing inert gas consumption and purifying filter life up to 1500h.


3. High openness,LiM-X260 Series opens different application interfaces for different use requirements of factories, schools and research institutes, so as to obtain the best use effect in different fields.


4, Modular structure,the overall structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and generous, with good operability and maintenance, easy to disassemble, installation, debugging, maintenance.


5. Comprehensive solution,providing solutions from raw materials, powder treatment, processing technology, process analysis, and post-treatment methods.

二、Functional features

1. IPG is adopted to produce water-cooled fiber laser with rated power of 500W. In addition, LiM-X260 Series has a variety of lasers to choose from: 400W, 700W and 1000W.


2. The volume of the forming bin reaches: 260×260×430mm, and the forming size of the equipment of the same level is 250×250×325mm, with a year-on-year increase of 40%!


3. The multi-stage gas filtration solution can increase the service life by more than two times, reduce the cost and greatly reduce the manual replacement frequency.

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