LiM-X1500H Series

Civil Aviation/Aerospace

Super Building Size, Super Building Height.

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LiM-X1500H Series
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Technical Parameters

Build Envelope


Incl. 150mm Substrate

Variable Layer Thickness

20 ~ 100μm

Laser Power

IPG 1000W × 16


Scanlab High-speed Scanner

Field Lens

Sill f-θ Lens


Variable Speed Powder Recoater<Two-way>

Build Rate

≥400cm³/h sixteen Laser

Power Dissipation


Available Material

Superalloy, Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Die Steel,copper Alloy, Magnesium Alloy, Cobalt Chromium Alloy, Permalloy, Invar Alloy, Etc




Equipment Advantages


Multiple lasers, high quality printing

Equipped with 16 laser, high printing efficiency, stable and reliable printing quality.


Two-layer wind farm

Double-layer wind field design, dust can also be effectively removed under large span, improve the uniformity and stability of super-large format multi-laser printing.


Z-axis precision drive system

Servo motors with precision ball screws, guide rails and high precision grating rulers generate closed loop control of Z-axis motion system, to ensure the stable and high precision operation of Z-axis motion mechanism. The over-heavy double drive balance system ensures Z-axis positioning accuracy of better than 10μm and repeated positioning accuracy of better than 5μm.


Intelligent powder recoating

Intelligent variable speed powder recoating, efficiency improvement plus single recoater bidirectional powder recoating structure, simplifies tool adjustment procedures, reduces complexity.


Separated powder recycling system

During printing, powder can be pumped with only one-click, and also it is equipped with a large-capacity powder drop tank, a transfer tank, and an efficient sieving system. The powder is transferred with people isolated from powder throughout the entire process in high work efficiency and low failure rate.


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