Accurate docking of counterpart colleges and universities, LiM Laser fully promotes the introduction of talents in the field of metal 3D printing.

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Recently, the first school-enterprise matchmaking activity in 2023 in zhongbei town, jointly organized by zhongbei town enterprise service center and Tianjin college and secondary school graduates employment guidance center, was held in zhongbei science park. LiM laser, as a high-growth and high-quality enterprise in the field of metal 3D printing, actively participated in the activity.

At the meeting, the representative of LiM laser introduced the company's general situation, achievements at this stage and the later development direction, and put forward the professional direction of talent demand at this stage and the requirements for high-paid and high-development posts. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has a technology research and development team of more than 70 people, and the demand for practical scientific and technological talents is very strong. This school-enterprise matchmaking activity can accurately connect with counterpart colleges and universities and lay the foundation for the company's talent reserve. After the meeting, the responsible comrades of the street and town work, the dean of the School of University of Science and Technology Beijing, the relevant responsible comrades of the Employment Office, and student representatives came to the LiM Laser to visit and visit the site to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's development history, industrial layout, production and operation, and employment environment. Wait for the situation.

As a gazelle enterprise in Tianjin and a key enterprise in Tianjin, LiM Laser adheres to the intelligent research direction and vigorously develops the large-scale application of multi-series complete sets of equipment for metal additive manufacturing. Next, LiM Laser will actively participate in the school-enterprise integration and docking activities, strengthen communication and cooperation with universities, empower the development of both schools and enterprises, and help the high-quality development of China's additive manufacturing industry.


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