Integration of Production and Education to Help Talent Cultivation-LiM Laser Attends 2023 National Symposium on Talent Cultivation and Integration of Production and Education in Additive Manufacturing Engineering

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From June 30th to July 2nd, the National Symposium on Talent Training and Industry Education Integration in Additive Manufacturing Engineering was grandly held at Xihua University. The forum, with the theme of "Focusing on Frontier Manufacturing and Empowering the Unbounded Future," aims to deepen industry education integration, strengthen school enterprise cooperation, explore collaborative education mechanisms between universities and enterprises, and promote the organic connection of education chain, talent chain, industry chain, and innovation chain. Radiant Laser was invited to attend the conference and gave a keynote speech as a representative enterprise of equipment manufacturers in the field of additive manufacturing.

At the meeting, Dr. Guan Kai, general manager of LiM Laser, made a thematic report on "Practice and Thinking of Production and Education Integration in Metal Additive Manufacturing", analyzed the current development prospect and talent demand of additive manufacturing industry, and shared the practical experience of LiM Laser in production and education integration.

At present, cooperation between laser and universities has covered new material research and development, new process research and development, new equipment research and development, etc; By jointly applying for national research projects, establishing joint laboratories/innovation centers, and jointly cultivating talents, we aim to provide more professional and skilled talents for the additive manufacturing industry and promote the application of industry technology innovation.

Practical case of integrating production and education with laser technology

The first New Vocational Skills Competition was successfully held with the assistance of laser technology, providing equipment and technical support to ensure the success of the competition.

The customized equipment assistance research company has successfully delivered the LiM-X260E series magnesium alloy customized equipment to Hebei University of Science and Technology to meet the actual needs of research and development in universities. Through extensive experimental verification and repeated adjustments and optimizations, the company has assisted universities in research and development, promoting industrial technology innovation.

Industry university research cooperation promotes cutting-edge technologies

Collaborating between schools and enterprises to build a research and development platform, providing a support carrier for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements: Collaborating with a certain university to publish a paper, selected as a cover article of Micromachines journal; Joint application and technology research and development of research projects with universities; Translate and apply technological achievements in universities. By constructing a "industry university research" technological innovation system, optimizing the talent cultivation environment, and driving the rapid development of industry technology.

R&D testing and process validation

Assist teachers from multiple domestic universities in research and development projects; Provide special process and structural process testing and verification for doctoral/graduate research projects.
In addition, the company has also collaborated with multiple universities to establish employment internship bases, collaborate on graduation projects, and sign talent orders for training... Through years of practice and thinking, Laser Laser has continuously innovated ways of school enterprise cooperation, contributing to the continuous promotion of industry education integration.

At this meeting, Radiant Laser also presented several typical applications of metal 3D printing at the exhibition booth, and had in-depth exchanges with on-site audiences on the principles and technology of metal 3D printing. The high-quality development of the industry cannot be separated from the cultivation of high skilled talents. Laser is looking forward to working with more universities to continuously explore the integration of industry and education, collaborative education and cooperation models, and jointly promote the construction of a high-level talent training system. We will continuously provide high-quality innovative and applied skilled talents for the additive manufacturing industry, injecting new impetus into the development of China's additive manufacturing industry!


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