NetEase Financial Think Tank "Chasing Light" Interview with Li Guangsheng: In the future, when humans immigrate to Mars, the first one must be a 3D printer.

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Li Guangsheng, founder and general manager of Xin Jinghe Company, participated in the recording of Netease Financial Think Tank's special planning column "Chasing Light". The following is a compiled version of the manuscript:


Domestic 3D printing technology has overtaken Germany

3D printing technology originated in Germany, and we have been catching up over the years. As China's metal 3D printing service market is getting bigger and bigger, customers' demand for metal 3D printers is becoming more and more different, some need large, and some need high. In the face of different needs, the response speed of German suppliers to provide equipment is very slow, and the equipment is far from meeting the requirements, so we began to develop our own. From the first prototype in 2016 to now, we have iterated many times. Now the largest products and models developed have surpassed the size and printing efficiency of foreign countries.

There are many things behind the size. For example, the entire large-size instrument system is different from the traditional one. It has to carry more force and torque, solve the problem of multi-laser splicing, solve the problem of wind field in the printing process, and also involve the problem of stress. Therefore, a simple "big" condenses a variety of technical problems, all of which must be solved, tackled and surpassed.

Compared with German imported 3D printers, domestic equipment can save at least 50% of the cost for enterprises. If you add up the whole of China's 3D printing, you can save 10 billion yuan. In 2018 and 2019, imported equipment accounted for 70%-90% of the entire metal 3D printer market. Now they account for less than 10% of the market share. Domestic 3D printers are already very strong in the domestic market. After foreign countries understand the current situation of our equipment capability in China's 3D printing industry, they will also go to China to buy the equipment they need. We also gradually went overseas and sold our equipment to Germany.

3D printing has been widely used in daily life

Many people think that 3D printing is far from the lives of ordinary people, but in fact there are many application scenarios in daily life, such as the plastic shell of the outer packaging of cosmetics, which may use the injection molding process. There is a mold in the injection molding process. The original traditional process is female mold and male mold. Assuming that the production efficiency of the mold is two or three per minute, if the core produced by 3D printing conformal waterway technology is used to replace the appliances in the female mold and the male mold inside it, its cooling efficiency will be greatly improved. Because in the process of injection molding, the production efficiency is determined by the cooling speed, I inject several hundred degrees of soft plastic into the mold, wait for the mold to cool down, take off the plastic shell, and then proceed to the next step. The traditional cooling is a diameter of the water channel, 3D printing can be made into a spiral water channel, so that the cooling area is increased, the cooling speed will be accelerated. The traditional process of this spiral waterway can not be done, but 3D printing can be easily achieved.

However, it is difficult for these people to see that I do not need to know which air-conditioning parts and plastic parts are made of 3D printing molds to buy a car, nor do I need to know how the steering wheel steering gear of the car is die-cast. But in fact, 3D printing has been closely related to the lives of ordinary people.

Future human migration to Mars,The first one must be 3D printing.

In the aerospace field, there are also many applications of 3D printing technology, because 3D printing can help lightweight products. At present, most industrial products are still used on the ground and do not pay much attention to lightweight. However, once the product is on the day, if it can save 1kg of structural weight and ensure the original structural performance, it is of great significance. This is the initial application idea.

After in-depth understanding, we found that we can make its mechanism and motion system better by implementing some special structures. In addition to lightweight, it also has special functionality. Another feature of aerospace products is that they are super complex, so the cost is very expensive, but the integrated manufacturing of 3D printing simplifies the original expensive things, and the cost comes down.

Based on these reasons, the demand for 3D printing is very strong in aerospace, including rockets and engines. Some people in the world have long proposed to move 3D printing to space. In the future, when humans immigrate to Mars, the first one must be3D printer, use it as a parent machine to produce other parts that need to be printed during the immigration process.

The performance of medical materials made by 3D printing is also better than that of traditional processes. Traditional techniques can also make these medical materials, the original intervertebral fusion device is a small solid block of metal, its elastic modulus is different from the human bone. If the elastic modulus is too strong, the bones around the human body will degrade, and if it is too weak, it will not be able to bear it, so it is difficult to find a suitable material. And 3D printed materials are designable. For example, I put a hollow structure in the middle of the titanium alloy, its overall elastic modulus and density, and the overall force performance become a new material, and I can always adjust a kind of intervertebral fusion device similar to human bones. By adjusting its structure and porosity to achieve its overall performance, this is the advantage of 3D printing.

The traditional process, whether it is forging or casting, is difficult to complete this structure, and 3D printing can solve this problem. For example, 3D printed hip joint material has a hollow structure, flesh and blood can grow in, and the human body has a better combination. The traditional process can't compare with 3D printing in terms of cost and performance. For example, dental implants were originally cast, but now the cost of 3D printing is half of that. Everyone will choose 3D printing products.

Moreover, 3D printing can be very economical to personalize production. Just like when we buy shoes, it turns out to be 41, 42, 43. You can choose a shoe size that can almost be worn. The size is not so precise. But for organs, it is also divided into large, medium and small sizes for you to choose, which is not so appropriate. 3D printing can be personalized, just like when buying shoes, you can choose 42.1 size, or more accurately, 42.123 size. This is especially true for teeth. If it is not your exact model, but is divided into large, medium and small sizes, you cannot even install it. Even if you can install it, your upper and lower teeth cannot bite. 3D printing can play a big role in this personalized production. There is also a bicycle seat, which can be designed according to your ergonomics, including the plane handle controlled by the pilot can also be printed. Many places have begun to make this kind of personalized attempt, which is a major application point.

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