School-enterprise cooperation promotes the development of 3D printing of magnetic materials




Left: Dr. Guan Kai, General Manager of Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Doctor of Optical Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, engaged in the research of metal additive manufacturing technology for more than ten years, led the research and development of several large-scale laser selective melting equipment and laser coaxial powder feeding equipment and related process development, presided over a key research and development plan in Tianjin, and published more than 30 related papers and patents.
Right: Professor Sun Jibing, an expert in the field of magnetic materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Technology
Doctoral supervisor of Hebei University of Technology, engaged in magnetic materials research for more than 20 years, presided over and first researched 16 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial level, won 3 provincial and ministerial natural science awards, and has authorized 25 national invention patents. Part-time executive director and deputy secretary-general of Tianjin Metal Society.


On August 12, 2021, Professor Sun Jibing from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Hebei University of Technology visited Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of enterprises, understand their needs, and promote in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises.

In Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Guan Kai, general manager of Radium Laser, gave a detailed introduction to the company's development plan, technical strength, industrial layout, and scientific research.

Professor Sun Jibing gave a detailed introduction to the scientific research progress in the field of magnetic materials in the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Hebei University of Technology in recent years and the changes and thoughts brought by metal 3D printing technology to the field of magnetic materials.

In order to give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises, further enhance the role of school science and technology support, promote the close integration of production, education and research of magnetic materials and the integration, opening and sharing of scientific and technological resources, strengthen the training of magnetic materials science and technology talents, and establish a stable school-enterprise cooperation relationship. On the basis of equality, voluntariness and full deliberation, after friendly negotiation between the two parties, Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Hebei University of Technology signed the ''School-Enterprise Magnetic Material 3D Printing Cooperation Agreement "on the cooperation of school-enterprise magnetic material 3D printing.

The signing of the Agreement represents the formal establishment of the school-enterprise cooperation platform, speeding up the research and development of metal 3D printing magnetic materials, broadening the application fields of metal 3D printing magnetic materials, and laying a solid foundation for better exerting the industrial advantages of the integration of 3D printing technology and functional materials.

The promotion and popularization of additive manufacturing technology is inseparable from the cooperation of scientific research teams of enterprises and universities. Enterprises are good at solving engineering problems, and colleges and universities are good at solving scientific problems. The two work together to give full play to their respective advantages, which is of great benefit to the development of additive technology in various sub-sectors.

Tianjin Radium Laser has always held a positive and open attitude towards cooperation with university scientific research teams, and looks forward to more opportunities for exchanges and cooperation with experts and scholars in various fields.

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