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The LiMAMS-SLM pre-processing software independently developed by Laiming Laser is suitable for the company's own laser selective melting equipment. Its functions include digital model creation, 3D STL part import, 2D CLI contour data import, part movement/rotation/slicing/path planning, etc.

Strong software compatibility
Fully compatible with industry standard STL file formats, supporting the import of STL format parts, CLI format contour data, and self-developed TLSF slice data; Can be exported as TLSF, STL, LMJOB format files. To build a bridge between digital and analog files and metal 3D printing manufacturing for users, providing convenience for subsequent review and reuse.

Screenshot of the 3D path planning interface

Improve printing efficiency
Information visibility
After importing the mathematical model file into LiMAMS-SLM, it can display the size, volume, and other information of the parts, providing reliable basis for user production management and assisting users in accurately estimating the required production materials and other data.
Optimization of 3D layout function
It can be replicated and placed in an array manner, with high degrees of freedom, meeting various layout needs of users and effectively improving the efficiency of part layout; Helps to fully utilize the space inside the forming cylinder, achieve batch printing, and improve actual printing efficiency.

LiMAMS-SLMSoftware interface screenshot

Check and verify the placement of parts
Inspect and verify the parts to avoid improper placement between parts, exceeding the specified dimensions in the x/y/z direction of the machining platform, and advance verification and prediction, thereby improving the printing quality and yield of the parts.
route preview 
The flexible layer by layer and line by line scanning preview function of LiMAMS-SLM can accurately analyze parts before processing; At the same time, the scanning path and jump path can be viewed, making it convenient for users to change scanning strategies in a timely manner and improve printing efficiency. The software has multiple scanning strategies, such as chessboard scanning, bar scanning, upper and lower surface partition scanning, contour scanning, etc. Users can choose different scanning strategies according to their actual needs.
Process optimization
When applying LiMAMS-SLM software to slicing multiple laser devices, the concept of partitioning is added, dividing a laser coverage area into single or multiple small areas, optimizing the scanning path of the printing area, avoiding the influence of smoke and dust, and improving printing efficiency and part forming quality.

Screenshot of 2D path planning interface

Screenshot of the path planning interface for (simulated machining)

The software also supports parameter settings for multiple laser segmentation lines. When applied to multiple laser equipment, the parameters related to the segmentation lines in the multi light overlap area can be adjusted for different part structures and arrangements, fully leveraging the advantages of multiple laser equipment while balancing printing quality and efficiency.
After slicing, the two-dimensional interface can directly modify the laser power and scanning speed during part printing, avoiding duplicate slicing and improving efficiency.
Friendly human-computer interaction
Equipped with basic functions such as rotation, scaling, and copying arrays, it is easy to operate. After importing the digital and analog files, you can adjust the orientation of the workspace view or move or rotate parts independently; Can modify operations as needed to create the best data package. The color and display width of the line can be changed, making it easier for users to observe and operate.

Rotation function display

Support parameter package encryption processing to manage important process parameters and ensure printing stability; At the same time, some parameters are open and adjustable within the allowable range, making it convenient for users to use the device efficiently.
Support personalized customization
It can be customized according to the actual application of users, providing comprehensive and in-depth support for the usage needs of users in different industries, and tailoring and developing software functions for them.
Laiming Laser is still upgrading and developing LiMAMS-SLM, integrating more printing experience according to user needs, and further improving the diversity, intelligence, and convenience of pre-processing software.


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Intelligent, convenient and flexible | LiM Laser AMS-SLM laser metal 3D printing pre-processing software

LiM Laser AMS-SLM pre-processing software independently developed by LiM Laser is suitable for the company's own laser selective melting equipment. Its functions include digital model creation, 3D STL part import, 2D CLI profile data import, part movement/rotation/slicing/path planning, etc.


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