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Technical Parameters

Customizable Range

200mm × 200mm × 200mm ~ 1000mm × 300mm × 350mm

Building Size

500mm × 300mm × 400mm

Laser Power

Recommended 4kW

Cladding Head

Midium and low laser power

Minimum Spot Diameter


Layer Thickness


Positioning Accuracy




Feed Rate


Expandable Axes

Two-axis Positioner

Available Powder

Titanium Alloy,Iron-based Alloy, Cobalt-based Alloy, Nickel-based Alloy , etc




Equipment Advantages


Innovation Leading, Independent Research and Development

The core components such as powder feeder are fully designed independently; independent research and development of pre-processing software.


High Integration, Strong Plasticity

Optical, mechanical, dust purification, powder feeding and other major systems centralized operation, unified monitoring.


Excellent Quality, High Reliability

The selection of main components has been long-term actual use and process verification.


Safe Design, Worry-Free Operation

Perfect interlock function; safe and reliable filter element replacement device; professional laser protection function.

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Customer Case-Steel Industry Event Radium Laser 3D Printing Makes Baoshan Steel Equipment "Reborn"

Metal 3D printing-digital green intelligent manufacturing technology. In recent years, the country has vigorously developed circular economy and promoted resource conservation and intensive use. In July 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Circular Economy", which deployed five key projects such as the construction of the urban waste material recycling system and six key actions such as the high-quality development of the remanufacturing industry.

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