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Recently, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Administration of the Identification of High-tech Enterprises (Guo Ke Fa Huo [2016] No. 32) and the Guidelines for the Administration of the Identification of High-tech Enterprises (Guo Ke Fa Huo [2016] No. 195),By the joint evaluation of Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Tianjin Finance Bureau and Tianjin Taxation Bureau, Tianjin LiM Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise (No.: GR202012002840)It means that the technological innovation strength of LiM Laser has been recognized by all parties.

The national high-tech enterprise certification has strict review requirements for the core intellectual property rights, R & D investment, R & D team building, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, organizational management capabilities, growth capabilities and other comprehensive indicators of the company's core intellectual property rights, R & D investment, R & D team building, scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, organizational management capabilities, and growth capabilities. One of the honors is the most authoritative affirmation of the enterprise's scientific research strength. In addition, the qualification can obtain tax relief, project funding, brand promotion, attract talent and other support.

In 2020, by the relevant departments to organize expert review, publicity and other procedures, LiM laser successfully passed the certification qualifications and:Leading Enterprises of Strategic Emerging Industries in Tianjin.

Talents are the core of the development of strategic emerging industries. In order to implement the "Tianjin" Haihe Talents "Action Plan", the qualification is recognized by the Tianjin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and can enjoy the "welfare policy" for talent introduction ". After the enterprise is selected, the enterprise can formulate its own standards for settled personnel according to its needs, without being restricted by age, educational background, professional title, etc., and introduce urgently needed talents who can promote the business development of the enterprise.

Tianjin Xiqing District Enterprise Technology Center

The enterprise technology center is an important part of the technological innovation system and the core force of enterprise innovation-driven development. It is established by the enterprise itself according to the needs of market competition, and is recognized by the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Finance and other departments as having a higher level., A higher level of scientific and technological research and development institutions and innovation organization system. It is used to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote technological innovation, product innovation, brand innovation, organizational innovation and business model innovation, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the driving role of scientific and technological progress on the development of enterprises.

National technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises

Science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on a certain number of scientific and technological personnel to engage in scientific and technological research and development activities, obtain independent intellectual property rights and transform them into high-tech products or services, so as to achieve sustainable development. By the science and technology bureau, finance bureau, tax bureau and other departments, LiM laser national storage number: 202012011100004198, municipal storage number: 1904ZX01145063.

Tianjin Young Eagle Enterprise

In order to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and help start-ups to smoothly pass the "incubation period" and grow rapidly, Tianjin has cultivated a number of enterprises with strong innovation ability, fast growth speed and competitive advantages in domestic and foreign industries. The policy proposes three steps, namely, the young eagle enterprise, the gazelle enterprise and the unicorn enterprise. LiM laser has obtained the registration number of the young eagle enterprise: CY20201111XQ03189, the next two years will gradually develop into a gazelle enterprise and unicorn enterprise.

The acquisition of the above qualifications is the affirmation and recognition of the scientific research ability and overall technical level of LiM Laser by governments at all levels, and it is also an incentive to our company. LiM Laser will take this opportunity to further improve its independent innovation ability in the field of metal additive reengineering, continuously strengthen R & D investment, improve service level, and give full play to the advantages and exemplary leading role of high-tech enterprises, and promote the continuous progress and development of the additive manufacturing industry.


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