The ring laser coaxial wire feeding metal 3D printing equipment of LiM Laser has been successfully accepted



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Recently, the self-developed ring laser coaxial wire feeding LiM-S0404S equipment has successfully completed the acceptance work. Laser coaxial wire feeding has the advantages of material saving, energy saving, forming is not limited by the complexity of parts, etc. The successful acceptance of this project marks a new breakthrough in the research and development and manufacturing of laser coaxial wire feeding series equipment, which greatly improves the ability to print large parts.


Principle of LiM laser ring laser coaxial wire feeding metal 3D printing equipment: First of all, the laser beam is expanded, then shaped to the ring laser beam, and then the ring laser is focused again, the wire passes through the ring laser center, when the wire reaches the laser focus attachment, it forms a metal melt pool, when the wire feeding action is continuous, and then with the relative movement of the processing head and the substrate, then the melt pool will cool and solidified according to a certain track, It can print metal parts of a certain shape.

Schematic diagram of ring laser coaxial wire feeding metal 3D printing equipment

At the beginning of the design of the system, the engineers of LiM laser adhere to the design principle of safety and stability first, while ensuring complete functions, the system is simple and beautiful, easy to maintain and operate, ergonomic, user-friendly rules. The system mainly includes four main components: laser cladding system, motion system, control system and atmosphere protection system.

Laser cladding system: Including fiber laser, cladding head, wire feeder and water cooler, can provide high energy laser beam for the equipment to melt the metal wire forming, the equipment adopts IPG YLS4000-S2T dual output fiber laser, CoaxPrinter ring laser fuse head, to ensure high quality optical characteristics, with self-developed wire feeder mechanism, The wire feed shaft is integrated into the control system in the form of a servo shaft to ensure the accuracy and stability of the wire feed.

Motion system: The main body is a three-axis machine tool, and the precision screw and guide rail are used to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the whole stroke of the equipment can reach 0.015mm, which is especially suitable for the manufacturing and repair of small and medium-sized parts and tasks.

Control system: The core is BECKHOFF's PC-based control technology. Only one industrial computer and TwinCAT control software can be used to integrate CNC and all the automation control required by the equipment in the same system, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional equipment motion control and logic control separation. Only one station can achieve complete control of the equipment. Achieve a true sense of system integration. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with the upper computer control software LiMPCS-SW independently developed by LiM, which can realize the deep customization of the operation interface while simplifying the processing operation process, so as to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Gas protection system: mainly responsible for the atmosphere protection of the entire forming chamber during the processing process, to ensure the low oxygen, dry and clean atmosphere of the entire forming area, and the use of an integrated high-strength airtight chamber, with replacement argon purification system, from the air atmosphere to the oxygen content of less than 50ppm near pure argon atmosphere only 2.5h.

The Equipment has high stability, good process complexity, flat surface of test parts and high fineness of fuse

Ring thin-wall parts: a ring sample with a diameter of 80mm and a height of 255mm is composed of 600 layers, and the surface roughness is only 15 microns


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