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On March 30, 2021, the "Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Enterprise Standardization Promotion Conference" was successfully held in LiM Laser Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting was organized by Tianjin Market Supervision and Management Committee, Tianjin Process Management Association, Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Innovation Industry Alliance, Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Tianjin Education Bureau, Tianjin Drug Administration and other relevant leaders, as well as Tianjin Additive Manufacturing related universities and enterprise experts attended the meeting.

Director Ma ducking of Tianjin market supervision and Administration Commission delivered a speech

Relevant leaders from the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Bureau of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Education, and the Bureau of Food and Drug Administration attended the meeting

In accordance with the requirements of the National Standards Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and other six departments "on the issuance of the <Additive Manufacturing Standards Pilot Action Plan (2020-2022)>" (National Standards Committee [2020] No. 5) document, combined with the actual situation and needs of the city's additive manufacturing enterprises, invite experts from the National Additive Manufacturing Standards Committee, Tianjin Institute of Standardization, Tianjin University, Hebei University of Technology and Tianjin Additive Manufacturing related enterprises to preach the relevant standard content.

The meeting focused on the interpretation of the national pilot action plan for additive manufacturing standards and relevant laws and regulations on standardization, the detailed interpretation of GB/T1.1-2020 standardization guidelines, and the introduction of relevant procedures and requirements for national standards, line standards, landmark declaration, group standards and enterprise standards. Special guidance will be given to specific products, materials, processes and equipment of additive manufacturing enterprises, interpretation of the existing national standard GB/T35022-2018, GB/T35021-2018, GB/T37698-2019, GB/T35351-2017 and other related content.

Li Haibin, Secretary of the National Additive Manufacturing Standard Committee, makes policy interpretation

Senior Engineering Fan Xu of Tianjin Institute of Standardization interprets laws and regulations

During the meeting, all the participants visited the exhibition hall and workshop of Tianjin LiM Laser. It is reported that Tianjin LiM Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongbei Industrial Park, Xiqing District, Tianjin, with a total area of 20000 square meters. It has always been a high-tech enterprise that provides advanced additive manufacturing equipment, auxiliary equipment and related services to the world. The business scope covers metal 3D printing equipment, raw materials, 3D printing services, process design and development, software customized products, etc. It has a complete set of metal 3D printing solutions and is the deputy director and secretary-general unit of Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Innovation Alliance.

Visit the LiM Laser Exhibition Hall and Print Workshop

The large-scale metal 3D printing equipment independently developed by LiM Laser adopts independent intellectual property parts, including coaxial powder feeding equipment with the largest molding size at home and abroad; large-format selective laser melting equipment, etc., and its achievements have been in civil aerospace, industry, mold, automobile manufacturing, medical treatment, education and many other fields. The company independently developed and mass-produced equipment LiM-X150A, LiM-X260A, LiM-X400A, and LiM-X400H formable materials covering titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, aluminum alloys, copper, stainless steel, die steel, high-strength steel and other material processes.

Standards are also the commanding heights of independent innovation of enterprises. Whoever has the right to speak in standard formulation will have the initiative in market competition. The successful holding of this conference is of great significance to further promote the development of Tianjin's additive manufacturing industry. I believe that through the joint efforts of the upstream and downstream participating units of additive manufacturing, and with the strong support of the government, Tianjin's additive manufacturing industry will surely achieve With great progress, its influence in the country will also increase.


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