Consolidate the foundation of quality management and promote the improvement of production efficiency

Author: Radium laser



Strengthening management is the eternal theme of enterprise development. As the domestic head of metal 3D printing equipment manufacturer, Radium Laser fully implements lean management requirements and takes quality management as the top priority. In this process, Radium Laser Science uses "5M1E1I" and other analytical tools to solve problems and improve methods, and on this basis, it has established a complete quality management system to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Strengthen theoretical training, establish quality management consciousness

Radium Laser helps employees to achieve new breakthroughs in their personal abilities through multi-faceted training modes such as theoretical sharing, professional training, and regular learning of new technologies; create a good atmosphere of "active optimization and continuous improvement" in the enterprise, and enhance the quality management awareness of all employees; Strictly implement 5S management standards in the production workshop, create a safe and clean production environment, further improve refined management, and promote production quality and production efficiency.



Adopt scientific analysis methods to make quality management without dead ends

Radium laser quality department to strictly control the design and production of each link. Take material inspection as an example. This is the first quality control level before production, and problems can be found at the forefront. The special team of the Quality Department cooperates closely to control the quality of the incoming raw materials, establish a database of incoming materials, and regularly feed back to relevant departments to effectively grasp the quality level of the product at each stage.



In view of the difficulties encountered in the work, the quality department uses 5W2H and 5Why analysis methods to raise questions, find problems and solve short boards. After long-term accumulation of experience, the quality department has established an organizational process suitable for the company's internal environment, further improved the staff's subjective initiative, observation and analysis ability, and more importantly, put an end to quality risks and ensure stable and reliable product quality.

"A hundred boats compete for the best, and those who work hard go first". Facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements of high-quality development, Radium Laser actively practices the concept of lean management, enhances the quality awareness, service awareness, and brand awareness of all employees; strengthens refined, detailed and strict quality management; establishes a good brand image, Enhance market competitiveness.

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