Radium laser power scientific research! Congratulations to the Institute of Mechanics for a key technological breakthrough in the research of high-fuel-rate solid-liquid engines!




Recently, the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Mechanics) has made key technological breakthroughs in the research of single-hole-high-fuel-rate solid-liquid engines. For the first time in the world, a multi-stage construction and synergistic enhancement of metal composite solid-liquid engine fuel concept and molding method are proposed to revolutionize mechanical properties and combustion performance.
Founded in 1956, the Institute of Mechanics is a comprehensive national-level mechanics research base established by Mr. Qian Xuesen's engineering science thoughts. It enjoys a high reputation in the international mechanics community and has made important contributions to my country's aerospace industry and national economic and social development.
Radium Laser is very honored to be able to participate in this project and provide technical support for the project in the preparation of aluminum-based metal structures.
This time in the preparation of aluminum-based metal structure, radium laser technicians after many discussions and parameter adjustment, through many rounds of debugging, successfully printed a satisfactory aluminum-based metal structure for mechanics.

Selective Laser Melting LiM-260 Series

Part structure features:
1. Thin-walled structure.
The wall thickness of the parts is thin, especially the spiral structure inside the cylinder, which is difficult to form. Radium laser technicians by adjusting the profile and spot compensation and other parameters, to break the technical difficulties, smooth molding.

2. Smaller forming angle.
The part is a spiral structure, the forming angle is small, and the internal support cannot be added, which increases the difficulty of printing. Thanks to the exquisite printing technology and rich operation experience of radium laser technicians, the parts are smoothly printed and formed.

3. Clear secondary structure.
The metal substrate is called the primary structure, and the structural modification is called the secondary structure by perforating the spiral blade. Through 3D printing, a spiral structure with small holes is formed at one time. In the paper, it is mentioned that "in particular, the Al-B structure improves Young's modulus by 1194 and yield stress by 381.3."

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