TCT ASIA 2021 Asian 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Exhibition Successfully Concluded

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The Asian 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition TCT ASIA 2021 was successfully concluded on May 28. TSC LiM Laser has received extensive attention. Thank you for your support and love!

Additive manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing, is a new manufacturing technology developed in recent years. Contrary to the traditional "material reduction" manufacturing process, additive manufacturing is based on a three-dimensional digital model, and materials are manufactured in a layered and layer-by-layer manner to manufacture three-dimensional entities. It is a set of advanced manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and new materials., Precision control and other technologies in one new technology.

In principle, it breaks through the technical bottleneck of complex special-shaped components, realizes the controllable formation of material micro-organization and macro-structure, and fundamentally changes the traditional design concept. it has opened up a huge space for the rise and development of technological innovation, deep integration of military and civilian, emerging industries and national defense.

There are many highlights in this exhibition. Please follow the camera and focus on the wonderful moments of this grand event!

General Manager Li Guangsheng talks with the guests

Spectator visit equipment

The exquisite exhibition pieces attracted a large audience

Large exhibition pieces attracted the attention of foreign friends


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