LiM Laser TCT Asia 2020 exhibition came to a perfect end, and the wonderful moments you missed are here ~

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For a long time, the TCT Asia exhibition delayed by the epidemic was successfully held in Shanghai from July 8 to 10, and TSC and LiM Laser jointly participated in the exhibition. At this exhibition, the world's first large-size customizable laser selection melting LiM-X400A equipment, while the display of customizable laser selection melting LiM-X260A equipment and laser near-net forming LiM-S0402 equipment, attracted many professional visitors to stop, the booth side by side, full of popularity. Xiaobian take you back to the wonderful moment!

The person in charge of the company introduced the self-developed large-size customizable selection laser melting LiM-X400A equipment in an interview:

Security: From the 3D printing service manufacturers, attaches great importance to the safety of the equipment, especially aluminum alloy, titanium alloy such as active metals, the operation process has a great risk, we consider a lot of safety design needs in the design of the entire equipment, from the powder to pick up to the powder laying process can avoid direct contact between personnel and powder. In addition, the equipment adopts a large number of safety and explosion-proof design, and has passed the EU explosion-proof certification;

Flexibility: The LiM-X400A standard first uses a single laser printing, the forming size can be 400*400*500mm, the use of 1000W laser, to achieve a layer thickness of 80 microns, greatly improving the printing efficiency. At the same time, according to customer needs, double laser and four laser configuration can be selected, double laser forming size can be 400*450*500mm, and four laser forming size can be 450*450*500mm, through modular design, the forming bin, powder dust removal system, electrical system, software system to achieve flexible configuration;

Print quality: Especially when large-size equipment is printing large-size parts, once there are waste parts, the waste of materials is very huge, we have carried out a lot of optimization design from the forming process and the selection of raw materials to the equipment itself, from the printing rate to the wind field, to achieve the full improvement of print quality, each equipment has gone through a lot of printing tests in the process of coming out. To ensure the printing quality of products, to help customers print high-quality products is our ultimate goal.

Consistency of printing: The ultimate goal of large-size printing equipment is to help customers achieve mass production of structural parts, so whether the mass production parts have consistency is an important factor in assessing the final quality of the equipment. In particular, we have made a lot of optimization in supply chain management, and all core components are selected from foreign imported brands with good reputation in the industry, to achieve a significant improvement in printing consistency. In the future, every equipment out of LiM will carry out a large number of printing tests to ensure the consistency with all the parts that have been printed before, and ensure that you can rest assured that no matter where you are.

In addition, the laser near net forming LiM-S0402 equipment on display (as shown below), the energy source is a 4kw laser, the laser head is equipped with 4 powder feeding heads, theoretically can realize the simultaneous feeding of 4 materials, according to a certain proportion of mixed printing. At the same time, this equipment and the selection laser melting LiM-X260A equipment (as shown below) have been ordered by the customer, and will be sent directly to the customer site after the exhibition.

Metal 3D printing sample display

Continuous innovation, forge ahead, to provide end-users with more detailed, more professional, more perfect service is our purpose, once again thank the new and old friends for our trust and support, looking forward to 2021 together.


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