LiM PF001-2 Powder Feeder

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LiM PF001-2 Powder Feeder
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Technical Parameters

Powder Bucket Quality


Volume Of Powder Barrel


Powder Particle Size

75 ~ 250μm

Powder Tray Speed


Powder Tank Size

10mm wide x 1mm deep

Power Supply System


Air Source Specification

Ar/ N2, pressure 0.3MPa




Equipment Advantages

The PF001-2 powder feeder adopts the principle of airborne scraper powder feeding, with high automation integration, all process parameters can realize remote logic control, high powder feeding precision and strong stability. At the same time, on-line powder mixing components can be selected to realize on-line mixing and powder feeding of two different material powders, and the powder mixing ratio can be controlled in real time, which is very suitable for gradient cladding and other processing occasions requiring mixed powder.

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