PCE-650 Cleaning Equipment

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PCE-650 Cleaning Equipment
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Technical Parameters

Applicable Part Size

650mm x 650mm x 1600mm

Rotation Angle

X axis rotation 180 °;Y axis rotation 360 °

Movement Mode

X axis drive Y axis

Working Gas

Ar/ N2, ≥ 5bar

Oxygen Content

≤ 3000ppm

Power Supply

380VAC, 50Hz


2.5m x 2.4m x 4.3m



Max. rolling-over weight

1000kg Including Substrate


5.5m x 5.5m x 4.6m




Equipment Advantages


Powder Cleaning Method

Servo control realizes the rotation and turning of the workpiece. The vibrator installed on the platform assists the powder cleaning. The air gun is configured to clean the parts that are difficult to clean. The powder after cleaning falls into the powder barrel for collection.



Before cleaning, inert gas is rushed into the closed compartment for protection to prevent risks such as explosion caused by powder dust. At the same time, safety interlock logic is set to ensure that the door cannot be opened when the equipment is in a rotating state, so as to avoid hazards such as dust being sucked into the body and injury to workers caused by the rotation of the equipment.

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