TSC&LiM Laser Attended MM Metal Processing Summit Forum and delivered a speech, and the LiM-X650H equipment won the Metal Processing Innovation Product Award.

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On November 8, 2022, the 18th China International Metal Processing Summit Forum and the "Annual Innovative Product Selection" award ceremony was held in Shanghai. The theme of this forum was "Green, Low-carbon, New Challenges, Collaborative Innovation and Intelligence". TSC-LiM Laser was invited to attend and bring a special lecture on additive manufacturing.With the majority of experts and scholars, technology enterprises, manufacturing users to analyze the current situation and typical cases of the industry, to discuss the new situation of advanced manufacturing innovation.

Gao Peibao, assistant to the chairman of TSC, deputy general manager of LiM laser marketing, and master of materials engineering from Tsinghua University, gave a special speech on "the application of metal 3D printing technology in various industries.The types and differences, advantages and disadvantages of metal 3D printing technology were shared with the guests at the scene, and the application cases of LiM laser technology achievements in various industries were introduced. And the future development trend of metal 3D printing is discussed together.

LiM Laser self-developed customized laser selective melting equipment.LiM-X650H Won 2022 China Metal Processing Innovation Product Award.

The LiM-X650H laser equipment has a forming size of 650mm×650mm×1680mm, which has the characteristics of large format and high size. It can also be equipped with four or six lasers. This equipment can be applied in the integrated forming and manufacturing of complex structural parts in multiple fields such as aviation, civil aerospace, energy and power, and automotive manufacturing.


Laser LiM-X650H equipment

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has continued to develop, with a more complete industrial system and a more complete industrial chain, achieving steady growth in quantity and significant improvement in quality. As the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry, metal processing has been widely used in civil aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, and engineering. Industries such as machinery and medical devices play an important role, especially metal 3D printing technology, which is one of the development directions of advanced manufacturing technology and has played a positive role in various fields. As a representative enterprise in the field of additive manufacturing, Xinjinghe & Leiming Laser will continue to innovate industrial technology, constantly update and improve the product line according to changes in market demand, and bring better overall metal 3D printing solutions to users in various industries.


Metal 3D printing

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