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"Made in China 2025" pointed out at the beginning that "manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of a strong country." In the context of accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, the demand for additive manufacturing technology, especially metal additive manufacturing technology, is increasing in related fields. In order to meet the manufacturing needs and technology development trends in various fields, Xin Jinghe's subsidiary, LiM Laser, has launched a market-orientedLarge metal additive equipmentA new generation of customizable laser selective melting equipment LiM-X800.


LiM-X800 Equipment

The development and production of LiM-X800 equipment is based on the traditional concept of manufacturing large-scale equipment, and some bold attempts have been made. For example, the number of lasers has been upgraded, and innovations have been made in powder transportation. But it also faces many problems and challenges. For example, multi-laser splicing precision control and multi-laser power stability, more ash on the suction side caused by large-format wind field speed difference, market-oriented requirements for the reduction of the whole machine, and high stability requirements for each module of the whole machine......

In the face of these problems, the professional research and development team of LiM laser has successfully developed LiM-X800 series of equipment after a large number of experimental verification and research on a number of patented new technologies. its main functional highlights include: ten laser multi-mode/new powder removal method/powder full-automatic and efficient circulation/large format and small occupation, etc.

LiM-X800 Advantage Features

Large format, small figure

The forming size can reach 800 mmx800mmx1080mm (including substrate), and the size of the equipment host is only 5.5m x 2m x 3.7m. The height is reduced by side double drive, and the occupied area is compressed by designing the powder discharge part of the forming cylinder instead of the part-taking compartment.

Multiple lasers, high efficiency

Six lasers are standard and four sets of optical system interfaces are reserved. According to requirements, six lasers can be quickly upgraded to ten lasers, and the forming efficiency can reach 250cm ³/h; Multi-laser zoning and patented wind field technology effectively ensure the forming quality.

Automatic high efficiency powder circulation system

Before printing: the equipment can automatically screen and dry the powder to reach the use state;

During printing: the system efficiently and automatically completes the three processes of powder overflow recovery, powder overflow screening and powder supply, working independently without affecting the printing of the forming compartment; The powder collection and transportation efficiency is above 10L/min;

After printing: the powder path is combined with the equipment molding chamber. Under the closed anaerobic environment, the powder can be selectively discharged through potential energy according to the characteristics of the parts, the powder can be efficiently sucked, and the powder can be strongly blown to complete the powder cleaning and recycling of the parts.


Powder cleaning equipment

Dual-channel pickup

High-efficiency powder absorption and parts taking in the parts taking compartment: after printing is completed, the cylinder can be moved with one key. according to the characteristics of the parts, powder cleaning methods such as potential energy powder discharge, high-energy powder absorption and strong powder blowing can be selected to directly take parts taking in the parts taking compartment to realize powder isolation;

Intelligent powder discharge and parts taking of forming cylinder: complete powder discharge through the powder discharge port of the forming cylinder, then open the door of the forming cylinder, separate the piston and the base plate, and complete the low-position intelligent pushing out of the parts.

Modular, highly integrated

Equipped with permanent filter, filter life of more than 100000 hours, no need to replace the filter, the printing process is not interrupted;

Configure online scraper replacement technology, replace scraper without stopping the machine, and ensure the stable formation of equipment sustainably;

Configure double-speed wind field with wind curtain to ensure molding quality;

Equipped with self-developed powder cleaning machine, powder cleaning efficient and convenient.

LiM Laser has a technical research and development team of more than 50 people, more than 50% of the team members have more than 10 years of product research and development and lean manufacturing management experience, and have more than 70 technical patents and software copyrights. The series of equipment and technical achievements independently developed by the company have been widely used in civil aerospace, energy and power, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, mold, medical treatment, education, cultural creation and other fields.

In recent years, LiM Laser has continuously increased its investment in technology research and development, focusing on the development of large-size equipment. The LiM-X650H equipment launched in 2021 has a printing depth of 1600mm, becoming one of the highest levels in commercially available metal additive manufacturing equipment. The LiM-X800 series of equipment released this time has a printing width of 800mm × 800mm. These two equipment basically meet most of the current market demand for metal 3D printing parts.


LiM-X650H Equipment

With the increase of manufacturing demand in various fields and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, the personalized needs of users are gradually increasing. In the future, LiM Laser will continue to innovate in the research and development of 3D printing equipment, continuously improve its product line, provide users with more high-quality solutions, and become a reliable supplier of overall solutions for additive manufacturing in the hearts of users.


3D printing equipment

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