Solid promotion of lean management, effective realization of quality and efficiency




As a leading manufacturer of metal 3D printing equipment in China, Radium Laser actively implements the concept of lean management, starting from the details, starting from the process, using digital management tools, continuously improving production capacity, strengthening product quality, and striving to achieve "zero defects" in every detail, promote the company's sustainable development, and provide users with better services.


Create a beat production model to ensure the rhythm of the production unit.
In order to push the level of fine management to a new level, the factory leaders personally took charge of organizing four seminars in succession. The takt time of each process was statistically compared by using mountain plot (single process time consumption) and average efficiency method, and the bottleneck processes affecting efficiency were analyzed and studied. The average efficiency was improved and the production takt was accelerated by improving the process, adjusting the process contents, merging and splitting processes, etc.


According to the different production volume, the use of fixed management to the total assembly of each process between the fixed point, fixed parts and fixed quantity analysis and determination, reasonable control of the process between the product reserves, to ensure the production rhythm balance and order.

Organize team leaders to carry out training, standardize the management of station equipment, standardize the specialization, unification and identification of station equipment for all kinds of parts on the production site according to the requirements of fixed management, and make unified layout of logistics channels and transfer equipment for different regions and parts, so as to improve transfer efficiency and ensure smooth logistics.


Take the average efficiency of the rear box assembly line in the sub-packaging workshop as an example: after various optimizations, the number of work stations has been reduced to 8, the number of team members in the process has remained unchanged, and the average efficiency has been increased to 74%, effectively driving the production efficiency and production capacity.


Carry out the concept of lean management and promote the sustainable development of talent team construction
Continuously strengthen the awareness of "improving quality and efficiency" of front-line employees, and create a working atmosphere of full participation and continuous improvement. Organize regular professional training to learn advanced concepts and methods together; tap the potential of employees, give full play to personal strengths, promote the construction of talent team and sustainable and stable development, and achieve the improvement of production efficiency and production quality.



Strengthen ERP Information Construction and Promote Digitalization of Production Process
Strengthen the application of digital platform, further promote the upgrade of ERP system, standardize the production, procurement and storage process, use digital technology to achieve management process optimization, cost control and accurate budget, grasp the "just right fine", and promote quality and efficiency.

Through a series of optimization measures, the company has achieved beneficial results in corporate image, quality management, innovation and development, and customer service. In the future, Radium Laser will still actively adapt to market changes, take the road of lean management improvement, help the company's high-quality development, and provide more users with safe and reliable services.

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