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The 2022 college entrance examination has come to an end,

The next step is to wait for the admission notice of the university.

Many colleges and universities have made great efforts in the design of admission letters,

Regardless of creativity, design, artistic sense and so on all reflect the characteristics of the school.

LiM Laser has also prepared a 3D printing admission notice with a unique sense of design,

very special ~

The "admission notice" adopts the dot matrix structure design with the characteristics of metal 3D printing, and is printed on the LiM-X260 series equipment independently developed by LiM laser using high-temperature alloy materials.

Have you studied all kinds of new metal materials?

Are you familiar with advanced metal 3D printing technology?

Do you have a unique interest in software development?to the experience andOpinionWhat?

Do you also want to make a big splash in the field of additive manufacturing?

LiM laser metal 3D printingThe acceptance letter is ready for you,

We are waiting!

Recruiting LiM laser, waiting for you!(Click to view)

Not all questions have correct answers,

But a good job can give you all the right guidelines,

I know, you are not simple,

If you have the ability, the talent, the more dreams,

Then come and talk to us!


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