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LiM laser is the leading domesticMetal 3D printing equipmentManufacturer, is focused on providing high-end additive manufacturing equipment, supporting auxiliary equipment and other personalized overall additive manufacturing solutions and metal 3D printing services for the world's high-tech enterprises. Its independent research and development of LiM-X series of laser selective melting equipment, LiM-S series of coaxial powder feeding equipment, LiM-R series of laser cladding equipment and special industry customized equipment and many other technical achievements have been in civil aerospace, energy power, rail transit, automobile manufacturing, mold, medical, education and many other fields are widely used. Now LiM Laser bright laser hope in the marketing process to find a strong partner to join, to achieve a win-win development strategy, look forward to your joining!

 LiM laser-business scope.

Standardized additive manufacturing equipment development and production

SLM process 3D printing equipment LiM-X series

LENS process 3D printing equipment LiM-S series

Supporting auxiliary equipment

R & D and production of customized additive manufacturing equipment

Based on a standardized platform

According to the user product size needs customized equipment

Including SLM process, LENS process and WAAM process

Process development and software self-development

According to customer product demand

Process development in combination with equipment and materials

Customer Service

Small batch product printing, spare parts sales

Equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance

Technical training, operation team incubation


All-round support, help channel partners to carry out business

LiM Laser guarantees the profit margin of channel partners, provides all-round support in marketing, personnel, training, etc., helps channel partners to start quickly, and helps channel business development.

Reliable protection of interests

LiM laser is willing to establish a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with channel providers and partners in a variety of flexible ways, aiming to continuously enrich resources, make use of the advantages of both sides in their respective fields, obtain greater market share and win-win cooperation.

Comprehensive resource support

Multi-channel advertising, all-media matrix coverage, offline exhibitions, industry forums, summit sponsorship, continuous brand promotion to help partners develop business. The business opportunities within the agent's jurisdiction obtained through promotion shall be shared. Continuous output of brochures, product solutions, product white papers, customer cases, online product training, etc., to assist channel business development and improve partner conversion efficiency.

Perfect technical support

LiM laser can undertake perfect technical support, always for the user production escort, 7*24 hours online service can provide technical support at any time. Provide training on the operation, operation, maintenance of metal 3D printing equipment system and common problems in related professional fields, and provide customized services according to customer needs, and establish a lifetime maintenance file for each equipment.

training and nurturing

Agent access standards

Industry resources: industry advantage resources, familiar with metal processing, especially in the field of 3D printing

Sales force: a certain sales force, a stable sales team

Business philosophy: good enterprise management level, business philosophy and development ideas

Customer service: have certain customer service ability, can quickly respond to customer service

Willingness to cooperate: willing to cooperate for a long time, hoping to make achievements in the field of metal additive


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