Ancient and modern meet, metal 3D printing technology to restore the "step moon bridge"




"Climb the Jiyang Buyue Bridge and connect heaven and earth like a magpie bridge". Radium laser with aluminum alloy material to restore the step of the moon bridge, with modern technology to perfectly demonstrate the beauty of the ancient building bridge.


Buyue Bridge was built in the 14th year of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, with a total length of 127.5 meters and a width of 6.05 meters. The construction of the whole bridge does not require one nail and one rivet, which embodies the mature skills and superiority of my country's traditional bridge construction technology. The 42 wooden houses on the bridge are covered with tiles, and the wooden components crisscrossed up and down are closely connected with each other without any mistake. The shape is simple, magnificent and the structure is rigorous.

Radium laser with the help of LiM-X260A series of equipment integrated forming rapid production, the series of equipment with fine light spot and other configuration advantages, to reproduce the beauty of the bridge art.


The printing size is 200mm * 60mm * 73mm, the theoretical weight is 410g, and the printing time of a single piece is 20 hours. The interior is filled with a honeycomb structure, which saves materials and compresses printing time while retaining a natural beauty; the precise structure and high surface finish fully demonstrateMetal 3D printing processThe "hard core" advantage in manufacturing complex structures and achieving lightweight parts.


3d printing with aluminum alloy:Aluminum is a metal with good strength to weight ratio, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, low density. Aluminum alloy for 3D printing has the characteristics of low density, light weight, high specific strength, high thermal conductivity, excellent physical and mechanical properties. Combined with the design freedom of 3D printing technology, it can be used in pressure vessels, hydraulic manifolds, brackets, High-strength structural parts and other fields go further and further.

A nail a rivet, across the stream. The ancient bridge condenses the wisdom, craftsmanship and aesthetic taste of the ancient working people; it also embodies the connotation of Chinese traditional culture and national spirit. Radium laser inheritance ingenuity quality, with modern technology to restore the beauty of ancient buildings and bridges, showMetal AdditiveThe exquisite craftsmanship outlines the "Bridges and Bridges" of each Jianou person ".


Metal 3D printing

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