Metal 3D printing makes it easier to manufacture complex flow patterns

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In recent years, with the mature application of laser selective melting technology (SLM), its advantages in the production of complex flow-type pore structure parts are becoming more and more obvious, the technology can avoid the traditional casting process of shrinkage, pores and other defects, parts density can reach 99%.


Radium laser LiM-X series selective laser melting equipment

Complex flow pattern pore structure parts printing display

The radium laser uses self-developedLiM-X260 Series Selective Laser Melting EquipmentA typical piece of complex flow type pore structure is printed. The typical piece of pipe extends in all directions, staggered and complicated, and the inner diameter of each pipe of the part is different.

The process team realized the smooth production of the part by adjusting the forming direction of the part and adding support appropriately. The inner surface roughness of the blank can reach Ra6.3μm. Through the post-treatment process such as abrasive flow, the inner runner roughness of the blank is further optimized.


Typical parts of complex flow pattern pore structure printed by radium laser

Print display of horizontal hole structure

Radium laser also uses LiM-X260 series equipment to print the cross hole structure made of die steel, and its cross hole diameter is 10mm-20mm, which can still maintain good roundness.

Transverse hole structure of die steel material printed by radium laser

Mold inner runner printing display

The continuous development of the manufacturing industry has also put forward new requirements for mold manufacturing: in addition to the complex structure, it requires high manufacturing precision, strong reliability, and long service life... It is difficult to process using traditional processes. The metal 3D printing technology has the characteristics of short production cycle and low cost of small batch production, so it has technical advantages for mold manufacturing, especially for the production of complex flow-type pore structure parts. In recent years, it has begun to show its edge in the field of domestic mold manufacturing.

In practical application, Radium Laser used self-developed LiM-X400D equipment to print blank parts made of die steel for a car company. The profile of the inner flow channel of the part shows that the roughness of the inner hole is better and the overall quality of the round hole is higher.



Under the promotion of "intelligent manufacturing power", radium laser will rely on years of accumulated experience in metal 3D printing technology, constantly break through the barriers of 3D printing technology, dig deep into the application field, and provide users in various industries with better equipment and more mature solutions.

Metal 3D printing

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