Hollow cavity dot matrix structure, metal 3D printing technology for complex impeller parts manufacturing

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Impeller, turbine parts in modern industrial production occupies a very important position, common traditional manufacturing process has casting, machining and other ways. The development of metal 3D printing technology provides new ideas for the design and manufacture of such parts.
Selective laser melting technology can manufacture parts by laser sintering powder, which can realize multiple recycling of raw material powder and high material utilization rate. With post-processing technology, it can realize the forming and manufacturing of special-shaped curved surface, thin-walled structure and closed and semi-closed structure, and the production cycle of single part is short, especially suitable for customized production of small batch parts.
Many impeller and turbine parts have thin blades, which are prone to slag inclusion and cold isolation during casting, and the mold opening cost is high and the production cycle is long. Some impeller and turbine parts involve closed or semi-closed complex structures. Compared with the production mode of five-axis machine and laser welding, laser selective melting technology can realize integrated forming, reducing the potential risks brought by process steps and welding gaps.
The following figure shows the impeller exhibition designed and produced by radium laser. The material is aluminum alloy (AlSi10Mg). The tensile strength of AlSi10Mg parts produced by the process team using selective laser melting technology exceeds the standard of solid solution + artificial aging (T6) AlSi10Mg casting process by about 40%, and the elongation rate is 5-6 times of the standard.

Impeller Exhibitions Printed by Radium Laser

Relying on the advantages of laser selective melting technology, the interior of the impeller, turbine and other parts can be designed as a hollow cavity and add a dot matrix structure, which can greatly reduce the weight of the parts while maintaining the overall mechanical properties of the parts.

Radium laser metal 3D printing impeller: internal hollow cavity lattice structure

Radium Laser has aluminum alloy (AlSi10Mg) printing parameters and other metal powder printing parameters that can be applied to mass production. It is suitable for LiM-X series of laser selective melting equipment independently developed. The surface roughness of printed parts can reach Ra6.3μm. It can be used for the production and manufacturing of parts in aerospace, energy and power, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, molds, education, medical treatment and other industries.

Relying on the R & D and exploration of the technical team, Radium Laser will continuously optimize the metal powder printing parameters, continuously upgrade the 3D printing process, provide users with high-quality solutions, and achieve increased production and efficiency.

Metal powder printing, metal 3D printing technology

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