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On March 10, the 2023 (6th) Zhinling Manufacturing Entrepreneur International Forum organized by MM "Modern Manufacturing" was held in Shanghai. TSC&LiM Laser, as a well-known enterprise in the field of additive manufacturing, was invited to participate.


With the theme of "stable growth, service-oriented and new path", this forum gathered manufacturing experts and entrepreneurs in related fields to talk about the development context and innovation power of made in China. At the same time, the "Innovation-Driven and Powerful China Manufacturing Awards Ceremony" was held. TSC & LiM Laser won the "Most Corporate Social Responsibility Award" and "Outstanding Localization Service Provider Award" respectively, demonstrating the attention and recognition of the industry and its colleagues to TSC & LiM Laser.



Since its inception, LiM Laser has actively promoted innovative research and development and injected its own strength into the industry wave. The LiM-X800 series equipment launched last year has a forming size of up to 800 mmx800mmx1680mm, which can meet the printing demand of large format and high depth parts in the domestic market. At the CIMT2023 exhibition to be held from April 10 to April 15, LiM laser will appear at the W2-B213 booth to display a LiM-X400 series of metal 3D printing products and equipment that can set up automatic production lines to realize efficient and mass production, and further promote the wide application of metal 3D printing technology.


LiM-X400 Series Equipment

This forum provided a platform for in-depth communication among manufacturing colleagues. TSC&LiM Laser shared cutting-edge technologies and application cases of metal 3D printing with experts and enterprise representatives from various industries. At present, the digital and intelligent wave of manufacturing industry characterized by "intelligent manufacturing" is sweeping the world. TSC-LiM Laser will continuously innovate industrial technology, bring high-quality metal 3D printing overall solutions to users in various industries, and help improve production efficiency and production accuracy.


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