Radium laser on the list of the Ministry of industry and information technology 2022 key products, process "one-stop" application demonstration list

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In order to accelerate the promotion and application of high-quality basic products and advanced technologies, and promote the formation of an industrial chain collaborative innovation pattern of mutual integration, symbiosis, division of labor and cooperation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council jointly organized the 2022 key products and processes "one-stop" application demonstration work, and selected the 2022 key products, process "one-stop" application demonstration direction, promotion agencies and participating units list.



Radium laser as a "high-end additive manufacturing equipment with scanning galvanometer" application demonstration key direction of the participating units, the list.


As a leading provider of overall solutions for metal 3D printing in China, Radium Laser has an annual production capacity of 150 sets of various types of 3D printing equipment, and has more than 70 core technology patents. Over the years, it has focused on technological innovation and research and development, and has continuously overcome a number of technical problems. At present, the company's independent research and development of a series of equipment and related technologies have been widely used in aerospace, energy power, automobile manufacturing, mold, medical, education and other fields.

This selection is a review of the radium laser inMetal Additive ManufacturingFull affirmation of R & D innovation and industrialization capabilities in the field. In the future, the company will take this opportunity to closely focus on the development trend of the additive manufacturing industry, continue to upgrade industrial technology, increase core technology research, and work with upstream and downstream enterprises to strengthen industrial chain collaboration and innovation, and contribute to the high-quality development of my country's metal additive manufacturing industry.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

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