Continuous research ushered in a new breakthrough, LiM laser to achieve pure tungsten material printing!

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As is well known, the melting point of pure tungsten (W) is as high as 3410 degrees Celsius, which is a refractory metal. It is difficult to print pure tungsten materials for selected laser melting equipment. Recently, the process development team of Beijing Technology Center (TSC Laser Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) has conquered the printing process of pure tungsten materials and achieved stable production on the LiM-X150A laser equipment.

Figure 1

Parameter description: Printing thickness less than 30 μ m. Spot diameter less than 70 μ m. Wall thickness 70 μ M-90 μ M; The metallographic photos are shown in the following figure.

Before corrosion                                                               After corrosion 

Pure tungsten materials have the characteristics of high density, high/low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance. The successful production of anti scattering grid components made of pure tungsten materials (see Figure 1) marks a greater possibility of deep integration between laser equipment and research institutions in the field of material research and development, as well as medical devices, mechanical component manufacturing, and other industries. It also marks a new height for laser equipment.


The LiM-X150A laser equipment adopts a modular structure design, which is efficient, stable, and highly open. It is designed to meet the different usage needs of factories, schools, and research institutes, and opens different application interfaces to achieve the best usage effect in different fields; This equipment can provide a comprehensive solution from raw materials and powder processing to processing technology, process analysis, and even post-processing methods.


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