Continuous research ushered in a new breakthrough, radium laser to achieve pure tungsten material printing!




As we all know, the melting point of pure tungsten (W) is as high as 3410 degrees Celsius, which is a refractory metal. It is very difficult to print pure tungsten materials for selective laser melting equipment. Recently, the process development team of Beijing Technology Center (Xin Jinghe Laser Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) has conquered the printing process of pure tungsten materials and realized stable production on radium laser LiM-X150A equipment.



Parameter description: the printing thickness is less than 30μm, the spot diameter is less than 70μm, and the wall thickness is 70μm-90μm; The metallographic photo is shown in the figure below.



Pure tungsten material has the characteristics of high specific gravity, high/low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, etc. The successful production of pure tungsten anti-scattering grid parts (see Figure 1) marks the greater possibility of deep integration of radium laser equipment and materials research and development fields of scientific research institutions, medical equipment, mechanical parts manufacturing and other industries, and also marks that radium laser equipment has once again entered a new height.




Radium laser LiM-X150A equipment adopts modular structure design, high efficiency and stability, with high openness, according to the different needs of factories, schools and research institutes, open different application interfaces, and then obtain the best use effect in different fields. The equipment can provide a comprehensive solution from raw materials, powder processing to processing technology, process analysis, and then to post-processing methods.


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