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Hebei University of Science and Technology Magnesium Alloy-Metal 3D Printing Customized Equipment, Tianjin LiM Laser has been successfully delivered


We look forward to working with university users to jointly promote the scientific research and innovation of the entire industry chain of 3D printing, give full play to the technical advantages of metal 3D printing, and explore new applications

School-enterprise cooperation, LiM laser metal 3D printing equipment to help Sichuan Engineering Vocational and Technical College of a number of projects research and development


The high-quality development of the industry is inseparable from the training and growth of high-quality and highly skilled talents.

LiM laser metal 3D printing equipment to help Foton Cummins in the automotive field of continuous innovation


As a provider of overall solutions for metal 3D printing, LiM Laser also hopes to provide Foton Cummins with all-round protection in terms of equipment, process and after-sales, so as to help Foton Cummins continue to innovate in the automotive field.

Customer Case-Material Industry Event LiM Laser Promots China Machine New Material to Achieve Independent Material Verification


Metal 3D printing material is an important material basis for the development of metal 3D printing technology. To some extent, the development of materials determines whether 3D printing can have a wider range of applications. The research and development and breakthrough of metal 3D printing materials is the basis for the promotion and application of metal 3D printing technology, and also the fundamental guarantee to meet the printing, which is conducive to promoting the breakthrough of metal 3D printing industry and promoting the reform of aerospace, machinery, medical and other high-end fields. At present, 3D printing is developing rapidly in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields, which is the opportunity period of metal 3D printing. Industry insiders believe that metal 3D printing with high industry concentration is expected to usher in more significant development on the basis of further innovation of metal materials.

Customer Case-Steel Industry Event LiM Laser 3D Printing Makes Baoshan Steel Equipment "Reborn"


In recent years, the state has vigorously developed the circular economy and promoted the economical and intensive use of resources. In July 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Circular Economy", which deployed five key projects such as the construction of the urban waste material recycling system and six key actions such as the high-quality development of the remanufacturing industry. Carrying out the scientific research and engineering application of remanufacturing is of great significance to ensure the security of national resources, help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promote the construction of ecological civilization. At present, remanufacturing has been widely used in steel, nuclear power, coal mines, automobiles, aviation, molds and other fields.

Customer Case · Automotive Industry | LiM Laser Joins Hands with Foton Cummins to Help the Industry Lead


Metal 3D printing plays an important role in the field of automobile design and development, especially in the verification of engine intake and exhaust side components. Traditional automobile development and design of metal parts, often need molds, long cycle, low efficiency, high cost, can not quickly achieve the production of metal prototype, verification.

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