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3D Printing Pioneer Makes Production Simpler | LiM Laser Appears in CIMT2023


On April 15, the 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition came to an end. As a national high-tech enterprise, LiM Laser made its debut with intelligent production line solutions, providing new solutions for various manufacturing industries and fully demonstrating metal 3D printing The application cases of technology in various high-end manufacturing fields have attracted great attention from exhibitors at home and abroad.

School-enterprise cooperation, LiM laser metal 3D printing equipment to help Sichuan Engineering Vocational and Technical College of a number of projects research and development


The high-quality development of the industry is inseparable from the training and growth of high-quality and highly skilled talents.

Hollow cavity dot matrix structure, metal 3D printing technology for complex impeller parts manufacturing


Impeller, turbine parts in modern industrial production occupies a very important position, common traditional manufacturing process has casting, machining and other ways. The development of metal 3D printing technology provides new ideas for the design and manufacture of such parts.

Intelligent manufacturing | Entrepreneur International Forum Held, TSC & LiM Laser Won Awards


At present, the digital and intelligent wave of manufacturing industry characterized by "intelligent manufacturing" is sweeping the world. TSC-LiM Laser will continuously innovate industrial technology, bring high-quality metal 3D printing overall solutions to users in various industries, and help improve production efficiency and production accuracy.

LiM laser metal 3D printing equipment to help Foton Cummins in the automotive field of continuous innovation


As a provider of overall solutions for metal 3D printing, LiM Laser also hopes to provide Foton Cummins with all-round protection in terms of equipment, process and after-sales, so as to help Foton Cummins continue to innovate in the automotive field.

Hand in hand, win-win cooperation | Overseas customers visit LiM Laser


In recent years, LiM Laser has actively expanded overseas markets, "going out" appeared in international exhibitions to enhance its popularity, and "bringing in" invited overseas customers to visit and discuss cooperation.

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