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Cohesion, Enabling New Development | LiM Laser Joins Hands with Partners


This month, the 25th Dalian International Industrial Expo and the 23rd Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition were held in Dalian and Chongqing respectively. LiM Laser joined hands with partners to participate in the grand event, focusing on the new achievements of metal 3D printing technology.

Self-developed Selective Laser Melting Equipment Monitoring System to Escort the Forming Quality of Parts


Selective laser melting technology has high printing accuracy and has been widely used in civil aerospace, energy power, automobile manufacturing, mold and other fields.

Good news | LiM laser won many honors, and its scientific and technological innovation strength in the field of metal 3D printing was recognized again.


In the future, LiM Laser will further dig into the needs of industrial development, stimulate enthusiasm for technological innovation, and achieve new breakthroughs in more iconic results. The company will continue to enrich the metal additive manufacturing series of equipment, to promote the application of additive manufacturing technology to a wider field.

Hebei University of Science and Technology Magnesium Alloy-Metal 3D Printing Customized Equipment, Tianjin LiM Laser has been successfully delivered


We look forward to working with university users to jointly promote the scientific research and innovation of the entire industry chain of 3D printing, give full play to the technical advantages of metal 3D printing, and explore new applications

Accurate docking of counterpart colleges and universities, LiM Laser fully promotes the introduction of talents in the field of metal 3D printing.


Recently, the first school-enterprise matchmaking activity in 2023 in zhongbei town, jointly organized by zhongbei town enterprise service center and Tianjin college and secondary school graduates employment guidance center, was held in zhongbei science park. LiM laser, as a high-growth and high-quality enterprise in the field of metal 3D printing, actively participated in the activity.

TSC and LiM Laser appeared at the 7th China Space Power Joint Conference, focusing on the latest application results of metal additive manufacturing in the field of space power.


From May 10th to 12th, the 7th China Air and Space Power Joint Conference was held in Suzhou. Xinjing and its subsidiary LiM Laser participated in this conference and exhibited the latest application results in the field of air and space power.

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