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IAME Conference Successfully Concluded | LiM Laser Intelligent Manufacturing with Innovative Storage Power


On June 17, the 6th China (Xi'an) International 3D Printing Conference and Qin Chuangyuan 3D Printing High-end Forum came to a successful conclusion. The theme of this conference is "Innovation, Integration and Development". As a leading domestic metal 3D printing overall solution provider, LiM Laser was invited to attend the conference and gathered in Xi'an with all partners to jointly explore the innovation path of additive manufacturing technology and gain insight into the development trend.

Gather in Chang 'an, Talk about Additive Material | LiM Laser Appears at 6th IAME Conference


The 6th China (Xi 'an) International 3D Printing Conference and Qin Chuangyuan 3D Printing High-end Forum opened today. LiM Laser was unveiled with LiM-X150A equipment and typical metal 3D printing displays, sharing technological achievements and application cases, discussing the future development direction of additive manufacturing, and going to the digital future together.

Perfect ending | LiM laser debut in DMC2023, enabling the development of precision mold manufacturing industry


On June 14, the four-day DMC2023 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion! This exhibition focuses on the high-quality development of the mold industry and the leadership of high-end equipment manufacturing technology, and displays high-end precision processing equipment and advanced mold manufacturing technology.

Digging Deep into Market Demand, Leading Intelligent Manufacturing with Innovation -- LiM Laser Participating in the 8th Advanced Manufacturing Technology Entering the Western Forum


On May 30, MM "Modern Manufacturing" and Shaanxi Machine Tool Association jointly organized the "2023 (8th) Advanced Manufacturing Technology Entering the Western Forum". Xinjing Hezi's subsidiary, LiM Laser, was invited to participate and received wide attention from professional audiences.

Invitation | The 6th China (Xi'an) International 3D Printing Conference, LiM Laser invites you to participate in the grand event


15-17 June Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center (Chanba) Booth T49 The LiM laser will be with you

Solid promotion of lean management, effective realization of quality and efficiency


Carry out the concept of lean management and strive to achieve "zero defect" in every detail"

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