LiM-X Series Selective Laser Melting Equipment

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LiM-X1300 Series

Build Envelope: 1300mm x 650mm x 1680mm including 80mm standard substrate thickness

LiM-X800H Series

Build Envelope: 800mm×800mm×1660mm Incl. 80mm Substrate

LiM-X650H Series

Build Envelope: 650mm × 650mm × 1580mm including 80mm standard substrate thickness

LiM-X650 Series

Build Envelope: 650mm×650mm×860mm,Including Standard Substrate,Thickness 60mm

Permalloy additive manufacturing process plan, radium laser soft magnetic alloy forming process details!

Permalloy refers to an iron-nickel alloy with a nickel content in the range of 30% to 90%. This kind of soft magnetic alloy can effectively control the magnetic properties through appropriate process. It is a typical functional material with high permeability, low coercivity, high saturation magnetic induction, high Curie temperature, good corrosion resistance and good processing performance. Mainly used in alternating magnetic field, widely used in aerospace industry and telecommunications, measurement and control system. Commonly used permalloy 1J50, 1J79, 1J85 and so on. In the field of aerospace industry, permalloy is mainly used to manufacture precision components with high sensitivity, fine size, small size and low high frequency loss.

Strength casting brand-warm congratulations to the "national high-tech enterprise" and other qualifications of the laser.

Recently, according to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Identification of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fa Huo [2016] No. 32) and the "Guidelines for the Identification and Management of High-tech Enterprises" (Guoke Fa Huo [2016] No. 195), Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Tianjin Finance Bureau and Tianjin Taxation Bureau jointly assessed and approved, Tianjin Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was identified as a national high-tech enterprise (No. GR202012002840), it means that the technological innovation strength of radium laser has been recognized by all parties.

Metal 3D Printing Technology Titanium Alloy Porous Materials-Medical Field

3D printing porous implants for bone defect treatment is a new breakthrough in the field of tissue engineering. Using 3D printing technology, the physical parameters such as pore size, porosity, pore shape and surface morphology of the implant material can be accurately designed, which is difficult to compare with the traditional bone implant scaffold. Therefore, personalized implants with more ideal biocompatibility and mechanical properties can be produced to fully meet the needs of patients.

News | Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Enterprise Standardization Publicity Meeting Successfully Held in Radium Laser

On March 30, 2021, the "Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Enterprise Standardization Promotion Conference" was successfully held in Radium Laser Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting was organized by Tianjin Market Supervision and Management Committee, Tianjin Process Management Association, Tianjin Additive Manufacturing Innovation Industry Alliance, Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, Tianjin Education Bureau, Tianjin Drug Administration and other relevant leaders, as well as Tianjin Additive Manufacturing related universities and enterprise experts attended the meeting.

Heavy-weight radium laser additive manufacturing products successfully landed on Mars.

On May 15, the landing rover of my country's Mars exploration mission "Tianwen No. 1" probe successfully landed in the pre-selected landing area in the southern part of the Martian Utopia Plain. The Chinese spacecraft went to Mars for the first time and appeared smoothly "unscathed". On the distant red planet, it completed a feat in the history of human spaceflight.